10 Simple Tips To Save You Money This Christmas

Apologies in advance for mentioning the big bad C word in September but if you don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken and draining your bank balance in December now is the best time to start thinking about it. For me; December through to February is not only the busiest time of year, it is without doubt the most expensive. With not only Christmas in the middle but three small people’s birthday’s thrown in too. I planned it well I know.  I have had many years where I have been last minute shopping and abusing my credit… View Post

Exploring the Isle of Wight With Red Funnel Ferries

The summer holidays felt so long for me, and not because I couldn’t wait for the kids to start school but because I feel like I was missing out on so much time with them whilst I was still working – I felt so guilty! Now they’re back in school and we have our weekends back to normal to spend together and have some fun little adventures. Last week we decided to get up early and go on over to the Isle of Wight for the day. Being just off the south coast the Isle of Wight isn’t all that… View Post

Celebrating Starting School

Lottie is officially full time at school! When they’re little babies you never picture the day they’ll in in school uniform and off growing in independence day by day but it comes around all to quickly. I now have three school girls – it’s so scary! Lottie’s transition from Nursery to school wasn’t quite as easy for me as my older daughters; unlike them Lottie wasn’t all that keen to start school. She is the baby of the family and of corse she knows exactly how to pull on her mumma’s heart strings. Buying the uniform and meeting her teachers… View Post

Dressing for Your Shape – What You Need to Know

Looking good is essential. When you are dressed in a way that you like your confidence soars. The good news is that these days, finding nice clothes in any size is relatively easy. You can buy some great plus size clothing from simplybe.co.uk. From the very start, this innovative women’s clothing retailer made clothes that were designed specifically for the fuller figure. They were market leaders and, fortunately, other retailers are starting to follow their lead. So, now, no matter how curvy you are it is not hard to find what you want. However, you do still need to choose… View Post

Brunching At The Real Eating Company

Catching up with friends over brunch on the weekend is one of my favourite things to do. I love a decent breakfast particularly when I haven’t had to cook it myself, you just can’t beat it. A couple of weeks back I was invited to The Real Eating Company with the Bournemouth Bloggers to try out the menu. As always I jumped at the chance to chat all things blogging with the guys. Blogging is such a solo mission it’s great to have friends that are doing the same thing to bounce ideas off. The Real Eating Company is an… View Post