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  • How to encourage your children to read more

    How to encourage your children to read more
  • Summer is not over yet with Jaques of London outdoor games

    Summer is not over yet with Jaques of London outdoor games
  • Drgnfly Restaurant Review

    Drgnfly Restaurant Review
  • Refreshing My Pyjama Drawer With IDentity Lingerie

    Refreshing My Pyjama Drawer With IDentity Lingerie

Working from home with kids

When you become a mother, that is not the end of your career. Whether your child is 11 months or 11 years old, you might want to choose to work from home while being a parent. This allows you the flexibility to attend any school plays, meetings, or other events alongside your child, as well as to help you free up any school holidays. Working around your parenting commitments can also be good if childcare costs are a concern, or simply not feasible. There are many types of roles available for mums who want to work from home, and these…

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A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

Breast feeding your newborn is tough. Although it’s the most natural thing in the world it is not easy going on us mums. I am on baby number 4 and with each baby I feel like I have learnt more to make the feeding experience easier and therefore more successful and enjoyable for us both. There are so many things I think ‘I wish I knew about this with Maisy or Bella’ so today I thought I would share my must haves and some little tips that have made breast feeding easier for me. A good nipple balm will be…

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Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Do you ever just get that chocolate craving and can’t shake it? Me too. I had it last week and with no treats in the house I thought I know we can bake some brownies! Bit of fun for the kids and I and I will also get that tasty treat that I am craving. Unfortunately we came up against a hurdle straight away – no eggs! In usual circumstances I would head out to the shop and grab some but as were trying to minimise our trips out and in shops I decided lets just give it a go,…

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One Month Of Elsie

I can’t quite believe I am typing this but  Elsie is now a whole 1 month old! To think this time a matter of only weeks ago I was actually still pregnant – you can read my full birth story here. I think I have just about recovered from the shock of that quick birth now! I haven’t really done any Elise updates over here just yet, life’s just been a little crazy as I am sure you can imagine. I do regular little updates over on my Instagram though if you want to keep up make sure you are…

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Simple lunch box ideas the kids will love

Despite the long break we have all settled in to the back to school routine pretty quickly. We’re already back to the lost ties, ‘I don’t want to do my home work’ and I don’t want cheese in my sandwich again kind of mornings. Despite my best efforts, my girls are not the best at keeping organised for school, the temptation of just chucking everything into the play room after a long day at school is just too high! The sandwich boredom though – I can solve! I have been doing my best to switch up lunches to keep it…

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