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  • Elsie Is Four Months

    Elsie Is Four Months
  • Life Lately..

    Life Lately..
  • Working from home with kids

    Working from home with kids
  • A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

    A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

8 screen time break ideas for kids no matter the weather

The internet is a wonderful thing. During lockdown we are all making the most of being able to get online to communicate with our friends and family, watch films, join in online work out classes and a big one for us right now is using the internet for online education, researching activities/finding recipes etc. I am not sure what we would do with out it but it adds up to a lot more screen time than we ever used before! With that in mind I have been planning out some daily activities for the girls which are focused on stepping…

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Purchasing the Best Denim Skirt

There are few pieces of clothing that are as versatile as a skirt. You can wear all sorts of skirt styles, and some skirts can even easily convert from one style to another. One skirt type that is extra versatile and adaptable is a denim skirt. Here are some ways to make sure you purchase the best denim skirt possible. There is No Wrong Denim Skirt It is certainly possible that some denim skirts are better for your needs than others. However, all denim skirts are great, especially when compared to skirts made with more fragile fabrics. Denim is strong…

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BLOPENS are one of those activities that instantly take me back to childhood. I remember having these as a child and spending hours creating picture after picture to decorate my bedroom. When I was asked if the girls and I would like to give this BLOPENS Rainbow set a try I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, let alone the kids! The set contains 6 different colour BLOPENS which can be used either as a single colour or with the 3 in 1 sprayer. There is also 6 reusable stencils and 6 paper sheets. Perfect to get you started but…

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8 FREE Home Learning Apps & Websites I LOVE!

8 Home Learning Apps & Websites I love using during lockdown.

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A Day In The Life In Lockdown

Our days look a lot different lately. I used to feel guilty staying at home with the kids all day. Feeling like they had missed out on some great adventure or the chance to create family memories. Now I feel guilty if we’re out for ‘too long’ or if I forgot something in the food shop and have to pop out for an extra top up mid-week. The new daily routine is feeling more and more the norm for a lot of us I thought I would share a day in the life in lockdown with us and how things…

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