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  • Homemade Sushi With Kelly Loves

    Homemade Sushi With Kelly Loves
  • Top 20 activities for families in Dorset this summer

    Top 20 activities for families in Dorset this summer
  • 10 Cool And Quirky Gift Ideas For Tween Girls | AD

    10 Cool And Quirky Gift Ideas For Tween Girls | AD
  • Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD

    Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD

A S’mores Charcuterie Board

Bonfire night is right around the corner; we are ready to wrap up warm and head out to watch some fireworks! What better treat for the kids on a chilly November evening than a s’mores charcuterie board to tuck into?! Firstly it looks incredible, definitely a centre piece for any bonfire night get togethers you may be having. The s’mores charcuterie board is also super simple to put together quickly and relatively in expensive. How to create a s’mores charcuterie board All you need is; a large wooden board (a chopping board or tray will do too), your favourite biscuits…

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A Fuss Free Family Dinner With Richmond | AD

Dinner times in our household are usually a rather chaotic affair. Let me set the scene; we have 3 children on loop coming into the kitchen to declare they’re absolutely famished/need help with homework/have lost something. Whilst 1 small toddler attaches herself ninja-takedown style to my ankle as I attempt to stir, prep, and then usually realise I’ve forgotten a key ingredient. A scramble to find a replacement usually follows before wrestling the toddler into a highchair and calling the girls downstairs. Of corse the pleas of starvation have now depleted and they don’t surface until at least the forth…

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Fun At The Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is here and so is one of our favourite autumn traditions.. Visiting the pumpkin patch! This was Elsie’s first ever visit, we missed out last year due to Covid and the fact Elsie was only 2 months old. I probably didn’t even realise which month we were in at the time. However, this year we made it – it was fun as ever and Elsie had a great time in the wheel barrow. I got a little snap happy and there’s only so many instagram posts you can share. Elsie is very confident with her walking now, but the…

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London with 4 children? No Sweat..

I have never been one to shy away from an experience or trip with the kids. I know there are many people that would be put off using public transport or going out in a big city with four children, but I love it! It’s something I missed so much due to the lock down. Recently we headed to London to watch the Horrible Histories Barmy Britain, it was amazing to be doing something ‘normal’ with the girls. We hopped onto the train and made our way to London for a day of exploring and just some girlie time. It…

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How to encourage your children to read more

Now that we’re all back to school, I am sure one thing your children have come home from school saying is ‘we need to do more reading’. It’s something the teachers are so hot on ‘getting in those 5 reads a week’. I know for us with after school clubs and the general chaos of family life it’s tough to always get those reads in. So today I am sharing some tips on how to encourage your children to read at home. How to encourage your children to read more at home Make reading exciting Reading doesn’t need to be…

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