Communicating with your child’s school

“How was school?” I ask. “Fine” Reply the girls in unison. “Oh good, what did you get up to?” “Nothing.” The end. Does this sound familiar? A recent survey found 93% of parents would like to know more about what happens in their children’s classroom. I used to love hearing updates from the girls about school but as I’m sure you all know it can be like getting blood from a stone at times. I miss the days when they’d come out with a daily report from nursery telling me exactly what they’d done, eaten etc. When children start at primary… View Post

Bathroom Storage Hacks

My new kitchen is being delivered in exactly one weeks time ready to be fitted the following weekend. Is it bad that after all of that planning and organisation, I am already thinking about updates I’d like to make to the bathroom? I know I must be mad, who enjoys all that upheaval but I’d really like to make some changes. The tiles would be first on my list, I would love a more modern look to the bathroom I have seen so many gorgeous Middle Eastern patterns – I love that look right now! I think I’d have to choose… View Post

Cutting Food Waste

A few months back I had a HUGE kitchen declutter, when I say huge I am really not exaggerating. It was epic, if you have read my blog for a while you will know I am big on decluttering – I love it. There is something about sorting through and getting a big bag delivered to the charity shop that fills me with joy. However as I went through the kitchen I was actually really gutted to see just how much food I had that was going to waste, things that had missed their use by date or that I… View Post

Family Game Night With 5 Second Rule |Competition|

The girls and I love a good games night. An evening with no screens, no youtube. Just us, a big bowl of popcorn and a good game. We were recently sent the game ‘5 Second Rule‘ which called for an immediate family game night. 5 Second Rule is aimed at those 8+ but although Bella and Lottie are only 7 & 5 we still had great fun, they did require a little help but I would say if you work in teams little ones will also have great fun with this board game too. The concept of the game is… View Post

Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise |REVIEW|

The latest Num Nom products arrived for the girls to test out this week and they couldn’t wait to get stuck in. They’ve been huge fans of Num Noms for years now and the excitement doesn’t fade. The new Mystery Make Up Surprises contain new characters you’ll find a nail polish, shimmer, body spray or body lotion inside, which are all lightly scented! The bottle container is reusable and doubles as a house playset for your yummy character. Each character also comes with a ‘Nom’ lip gloss. We’ve got so many of these lip glosses already and they kids actually us them… View Post