A 14 Day Cleaning Challenge & Competition

I know it’s not officially spring just yet but aren’t these lighter evenings and crisp mornings getting you excited to start seeing the daffodils popping up?? Me too. I love spring as it gets me all excited for those warm summer months (summer is for sure my favourite season). Now with spring comes the inevitable spring cleaning, love it or loathe it everyone seems to jump on the band wagon. If you watch my youtube channel you’ll know I love cleaning and I love a good sort out (yes I’m one of those dreadful people). Clearing a messy cupboard, rearranging… View Post

Work Smart To Promote Productivity

Working from home can be tough. Whilst the idea of having the freedom to be your own boss and manage your own time is very appealing the reality of it is sometimes tricky. Managing my time is what I struggle with the most when I work at home. I know I need to be strict to ensure deadlines are met but having distractions all around me are often my downfall. Creating a workspace that promotes productivity is key, in this post I will share with you some of my tips and tricks to keeping myself on the ball to ensure… View Post

January 2019

I can’t quite believe January actually came to an end. Longest January on record or what? Today as I sit and type my little Bella has just turned 7 so we ended our January on a big fat high!  January; as well as being the longest month in the history of all the months, is also one of my favourites. It’s a time for goal setting, challenges and planning out the year to come. I have done a ton of all three. I set some big goals for the year in terms of work, earnings and what I want to achieve.… View Post

{AD} Perfect Pairs From Desenio

A new year always sparks new plans and new ideas for me. Throughout January I have been making a list of things I want to accomplish before 2019 is up. A few of those are some home improvements. Along with redecorating the hallway and getting a new kitchen installed, I have some little tasks too. One being find some clever organisation/storage solutions (hello Pinterest) and the other being to inject a little more style and colour into the lounge and my bedroom. My house isn’t the biggest, nor the most modern or glamorous you’ll see, but it’s home. It’s where… View Post

A Mummy-Daughter Pamper Session

My little girls are growing into not so little girls before my eyes. It’s a scary prospect but the plus side is they are starting to appreciate the things I enjoy, such as a little pamper session. I remember a time years ago, trying to get my nails done with Maisy rooting through my bag for a snack, Bella swinging round on the ‘twirly chair’ all whilst Lottie was attached to my boob and I was deciding between two shades of pink. The kids had a great time, couldn’t wait to go back, I had fresh nails by the end… View Post