London with 4 children? No Sweat..

I have never been one to shy away from an experience or trip with the kids. I know there are many people that would be put off using public transport or going out in a big city with four children, but I love it!

It’s something I missed so much due to the lock down. Recently we headed to London to watch the Horrible Histories Barmy Britain, it was amazing to be doing something ‘normal’ with the girls. We hopped onto the train and made our way to London for a day of exploring and just some girlie time.

It was only the night before that it dawned on me that this was Elsie’s first trip to the capital on a train. I had been up and down with the big girls a ton of times in the past but never with a baby too. Thankfully all went smoothly and we had a great time.

Travelling on public transport with a baby can be tough so I wanted to share some tips.

Tips for traveling on public transport with young children

  1. Access the train at the disabled entrance (you’ll see the sign on the outside of the train), obviously the priority goes to those in wheelchairs when it comes to the seating and space so it may not be that you get the seat but there is a ton more space for a push chair even if its just to unload settle the kids and fold the pram down.
  2. Make sure you have snacks aplenty, or is that just Elsie that need a constant stream of food? Either way the trolley snacks aren’t always great for young children so take a good stash.
  3. Have some quiet toys. By this I mean colouring, books, playdough (for older children) I find they just keep the girls relaxed. While the musical, noisy toys are fun they do tend to get all my girls up dancing around etc. Not ideal on a train.
  4. Look for pushchair accessible tube stations. I use the TFL Go app which gives you the option to to plan a ‘step-free journey’ so shows you all the tube stations with lifts – thank me later.
  5. Time your journey, if you can I would look at the times and try and plan around your children schedule and book off peak where possible. There are so many trains running it’s just about forward planning. Likewise, if you have an event you need to get to, allow enough time in-between. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught out running like a lunatic because I hadn’t factored in enough time for toilet breaks/walking to the tube/grabbing coffee(okay that last one isn’t a necessity but we are talking about city breaks with children here!).

In all honesty travelling by train couldn’t be easier I find it much simpler than going in the car as I only have to concentrate on the kids and there’s no worries about where to park.


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