Have a Heartbroken Friend? Here’s Some Ideas To Help Him

Different people deal with heartbreak in different ways. So if your friend is dealing with an unexpected breakup, loss of a loved one, separation from a childhood friend or any other difficulty, you should do your best to help. You probably won’t be able to remove the pain altogether, but you can definitely try to make it bearable. As a good friend, you might know about your friend’s strengths and weaknesses. Motivate your friend to get through the tough time and read ahead for some ideas to help him.


  1. Encourage the release of repressed emotions

Initiate a conversation with your friend about his heartbreak. He may try to avoid talking about it for some time, but you should keep trying. When he understands that there’s no way to escape the conversation he might start crying or get angry. Calm him down and explain how bottled up emotions can make it harder to move on. Tell him that it’s okay to cry and when he does shed some tears try not to be judgemental. If the healing is taking too long and he’s reluctant to see a counselor, book him an online appointment with a grief counselor so that he can have a candid conversation from the comfort of his home.

  1. Check up on them

Loss of a loved one or breakup after a long relationship can be strenuous. He may not think about you or give you a call when they’re trying to overcome a rough patch. So take the initiative of calling and checking up on him regularly. He probably really needs you but is unable to communicate. A call from you will remind him that you’re there to help and support him. You can also drop a message letting him know that he’s on your mind.

  1. Encourage exercise

The proverb “idle mind is a devil’s workshop” is very relevant in this context. The very inaction of a heartbroken person can make him weaker and lead him to drown himself in negative thoughts. This is why as a good friend you should encourage your friend to exercise. Explain how it has a positive impact on our minds and helps improve mental health by reducing negative thoughts, anxiety and stress. Heartbreaks can lower self-esteem and confidence. Exercise is a scientifically proven mood booster.

  1. Give gifts

Gift your friend a Fitbit to remind him of the importance of fitness and arrange for a donut delivery to lift his mood on cheat days. Small gifts do no harm and can make your friend feel special. A pack of essential oils and incense can really help calm his soul. If the friend is more of a home-bound kind of person, gift him an ultra soft pajama set. Catch him off guard one night, have a pajama party and laugh about things that he once used to cry about but now don’t hold any significance. 

  1. Have game/ movie nights

Is your friend enthusiastic about football? Or is he thrilled about the upcoming Matrix 4? Nomatter which, you can always ask him and plan a movie or game night with his closest friends. When the formerly heartbroken friend realises that there are other people who share his interests, likes and dislikes, it will help create a support system that will urge him to forget about the past and move on.


If there are still some things that trigger your friend and he wants to get past them, find him a support group where he can share his experiences. These meetings can help unburden his heavy heart.



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