How to encourage your children to read more

Now that we’re all back to school, I am sure one thing your children have come home from school saying is ‘we need to do more reading’. It’s something the teachers are so hot on ‘getting in those 5 reads a week’. I know for us with after school clubs and the general chaos of family life it’s tough to always get those reads in. So today I am sharing some tips on how to encourage your children to read at home.

Reading at home

How to encourage your children to read more at home

Make reading exciting

Reading doesn’t need to be a chore. My daughters so really love getting stuck into a book but sometimes need a little encouragement to choose a book over a tablet. If this is the case I tend to say ‘let’s make a reading snug or den’ The girls have great fun making a cosy spot and then are excited to get in and start some reading.

Have a great selection of books

Having a good selection of books by different authors and different genres really helps. As we all know kids can get bored easily so changing it up or finding a book that compliments a subject they’ve been learning about it great. We get our books from Books2Door, they have a fantastic selection of books at incredible prices. The discounts you can get are amazing and they’ll be delivered within a few days! They’ve put together a get back to school collection which is well worth checking out if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Horrible Geography

Encourage with a treat

I always think a little treat doesn’t hurt. Our favourite is, 5 reads and on Saturday we can have a movie and popcorn. I can’t tell you how eager they are to get their reading in then!

Join in with them

The girls love reading with me so we mix it up. Some nights it’s independent reading and other nights we read a book together – right now that’s Matilda. I read some, they take turns to read some and we tend to have a little giggle at the same time with funny voices. Not only are they getting some reading in and giving the screens a rest it’s quality family time and I love it.

How to encourage your children to read more

Start young

If you’re reading this and your children are a little younger, my advice would be to start introducing them to reading from a young age. Whether that’s lift flap books or just letting them see you read. Elsie loves books that she can interact with at the moment. She’s not so keen on me reading her stories but I am persevering.

We are a family of readers, there is something so magical about getting lost in a book and letting your imagination paint the picture of the words. It makes me so happy to see my girls loving to read as much as I do. I hope these tips help you to encourage your children to read too.

Sherlock Holmes

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  1. October 7, 2021 / 12:25 am

    Encouraging children to read more is an excellent way to keep them out of trouble. It also develops reading, writing, and communication skills that will be useful throughout their lives. Here are some practical tips for getting your children into books.
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