Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo

Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo : Review

Last week Elsie and I were invited to ZSL London Zoo for Sensory Stories at The Zoo. We have loved being able to get out to sensory play recently so I knew this would be a huge hit with Elsie and I couldn’t wait to see what these new sessions had to offer.

It was an early start as we headed for the zoo, the drive wasn’t actually too bad at all the commuter traffic still seems so much quieter than pre-covid. Elsie and I arrived in good time and had a little wander around before our session started at 10:30.

Sensory Stories at The Zoo, is a new interactive story time all about the marine world hosted inside  Tiny Giants: Minibeasts and Coral Reefs surrounded by the new coral exhibit. The coral exhibit was a sensory experience in it self. As first to arrive to Elsie went straight over to look in the huge tank it was absolutely mesmerising.

Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo

The room is laid out with foam mats in a space for each parent and child with their own equipment to use these included lights and bubbles.

The story we followed during our session was of an otter as they journey through the ocean, exploring its surroundings and meeting new creatures along the way. It was fantastic how the session flowed and allowed us to use different bits and pieces from our bucket. Elsie especially loved the bubbles.

Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo

I can honestly say it was the best sensory class/group we have ever been to, Elsie loved it. Elise also loved seeing all the other little babies/toddlers. It’s always a worry with Elsie being born during the lockdown that she may struggle with social skills but it doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

Sensory Stories at the Zoo key information

  • Suitable For babies 0-8 months.
  • 45-minute sessions which are Tuesday’s at 10:30am weekly during term-time.
  • They’re available in 5 week blocks with a new story each week.
  • The groups are kept small so you can interact, explore and get the most from the session.
  • Please note general admission to the Zoo is not included and must be purchased separately.

For more info please see

Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo

Sensory Stories At ZSL London Zoo

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  1. May 22, 2022 / 1:31 pm

    Nice! Sensory Stories at The Zoo is a great way to engage kids on the importance of such things as coral reefs.

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