Exploring the Isle of Wight With Red Funnel Ferries

The summer holidays felt so long for me, and not because I couldn’t wait for the kids to start school but because I feel like I was missing out on so much time with them whilst I was still working – I felt so guilty! Now they’re back in school and we have our weekends back to normal to spend together and have some fun little adventures.

Last week we decided to get up early and go on over to the Isle of Wight for the day. Being just off the south coast the Isle of Wight isn’t all that far for us to go but I have never taken the children. In fact I don’t think I had been over in about 15 years myself, some times when it’s right on your door step you just forget about it.

We set off for Southampton to go with Red Funnel Ferries. They have their usual ferry which takes cars and foot passengers (55 min journey time) but they also have their Red Jet which is just for foot passengers and only take 25 minutes! I couldn’t believe just how quick it was it makes going over for a day so much easier.

The girls loved being on the ‘big boat’ they really do get a kick out of public transport at this age and when it’s a little adventure like this I don’t mind it either.

Red Funnel Ferries put together some awesome day trip guides this summer which really help you to plan the perfect day out. They share a few different options from the dinosaur isle and zoo which we did to visiting Queen Victorias Palace or Carisbrooke Castle. It gives you a really nice idea of what the island has to offer and the best way to see it with bus routes and timings all laid out in front of you. The guide works so well for new and returning visitors!

After some much needed lunch at a little beach side cafe we headed into dinosaur isle. I love that it is right on the sea front, you can easily add it in to part of a beach day.

Dinosaur Isle was great for children with lots of interesting facts and little puzzles along the way; Maisy did a big topic on Dinosaurs last year with school so she was full of knowledge and really enjoyed reading about all the fossils. The girls squealed with excitement as we entered the main room, seeing the big dinosaurs on display really made their day. We spent ages going around all the little interactive stands, the girls got so much out of it and learnt a ton as well. Dinosaur Isle is such great value for money at less that £5 for entry. I’d recommend a visit especially if you have little dinosaur fans like me!

After that we headed to the zoo which was just a 5 minute walk along the sea front in Sandown; the girls had a stamp sheet and off we went to meet the animals. The Isle of Wight Zoo isn’t the biggest but what’s nice if you feel really up close to the animals. We loved the tigers they were so full of personality, we stood for ages watching them swim in the pools and play fight with one another. I’ve never seen them so playful and energetic they’re such beautiful animals.

Visiting Dinosaur Isle and the Isle of Wight zoo worked really well as a package; while neither attractions are enough for a full day out individually having them both within walking distance means you can have a great day out with lots of fun.

After the zoo we jumped back on the bus and made our way back to the ferry.

Unfortunetly while in the queue for the ferry Lottie fell over and really banged her head, there’s always one of these sorts of incidents on a day out with kids isn’t there. I wouldn’t normally mention that in a post but the staff on board the Red Jet were so amazing they got Lottie a ice pack, plasters, some water and kept checking in on her throughout the trip. They were just so friendly and really helpful, it’s always good to know there are kind people on hand in a tricky situation so a huge thank you to them for that.

We had such a fun day out on the Isle of Wight we will definitely be visiting again using the day trip packages from Red Funnel they make it so straight forward. They made exploring a new place so easy and with children that is exactly what you need.


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