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  • Elsie Is Six Months Old!

    Elsie Is Six Months Old!
  • Overnight Chocolate Protein Oats

    Overnight Chocolate Protein Oats
  • Elsie Is Four Months

    Elsie Is Four Months
  • Life Lately..

    Life Lately..

8 FREE Home Learning Apps & Websites I LOVE!

8 Home Learning Apps & Websites I love using during lockdown.

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A Day In The Life In Lockdown

Our days look a lot different lately. I used to feel guilty staying at home with the kids all day. Feeling like they had missed out on some great adventure or the chance to create family memories. Now I feel guilty if we’re out for ‘too long’ or if I forgot something in the food shop and have to pop out for an extra top up mid-week. The new daily routine is feeling more and more the norm for a lot of us I thought I would share a day in the life in lockdown with us and how things…

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Creating a routine in isolation with three children

Routine for is key for me in so many aspects of my life. Whether that’s my own routine of getting up in the mornings, having a coffee, getting ready for work etc or for the girls with a dinner, bath, reading and bedtime routine. It’s something I found I needed when the girls were young and it’s just kind of stuck with me. If our routine is messed up – turmoil usually follows. While I try not to be too military on it all the time (I used to be so precise when the girls were babies/toddlers) it just helps…

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We’re Having A… |20 Week Pregnancy Update|

I can’t quite believe I am half way through my pregnancy already!  The first half seems to have flown by and yet dragged on all at the same time. The first 16/17 weeks were filled with sickness, migraines and not being able to keep my eyes open. Where as the last few weeks have been so up in the air with Covid-19 it’s been quite the experience already. This week I turned 20 weeks pregnant which means baby is 6 1/2 inches from head to bum – roughly the size of a sweet potato! To think in the early days…

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Pregnancy In Isolation

Being pregnant can be stressful at any given time; there are so many changes so even the most planned out pregnancies leave you with lots of questions when it comes to things like maternity leave, living arrangements etc. Now throw in the biggest worldwide health pandemic for a century whilst you’re pregnant to make it even more interesting. I am 18 weeks pregnant and we are in the midst of living in isolation due to Covid-19.  Two weeks ago the government advice changed to move pregnant women into the vulnerable category of this virus. At that moment my heart sank…

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