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  • A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves

    A Breast Feeding Mum’s Must Haves
  • Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Delicious Egg-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe
  • One Month Of Elsie

    One Month Of Elsie
  • Simple lunch box ideas the kids will love

    Simple lunch box ideas the kids will love

Lottie Turns SIX!

Lottie is SIX!  It’s a cliche and I say it every time we have a birthday but I really can’t believe she is another year older. Her birthday fell in the half term, so I took a couple of days annual leave and we had the best family day all together celebrating her sixth birthday. It’s been a crazy last few months; with being pregnant, Christmas, Maisy and Bella’s birthdays also thrown in the mix. We decided not to have a party but just a nice day out all together. Our day started early (as most children’s birthday’s tend to…

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Pregnancy Update |Week 13-14|

I blame myself for this. I published a post a couple of weeks ago about how to get through the first trimester. I thought I was over the morning sickness, over the feeling exhausted – oh how wrong I was… Around the start of week 13; just on the come down of telling everyone our exciting news etc I started to feel super rough again. I couldn’t work out if it was pregnancy related or I was just a little bit ill at first. I started getting really intense migraines everyday, the only relief from the pounding in my head came…

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My tips for getting through the first trimester

My first trimester of pregnancy is done and dusted! I made it through some dark times when I thought my head may actually be stuck down the toilet for good, I am finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel everyone talks about in the second trimester. I can now stay awake past 9:30pm (woohoo party animal) and I am so relieved that paranoid ‘have they guessed I’m pregnant?’ phase has passed, as now the happy news has been shared with all our close friends and family and I can start enjoying the ‘oo you put your feet…

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We’re Having A Baby!

Words I never thought I’d be announcing again; I Am Pregnant!  I have been keeping this little secret in for what feels like forever, but now its finally out – we’re having a baby!  My tribe of three will become a four this summer with our little blessing arriving to join in the madness. I can’t explain the excitement levels telling these three they’re going to be big sisters all over again. Maisy; who’s usually very laid back and nonchalant could not take the huge beaming smile off her little face, I don’t think I have ever seen her so…

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Bella turns 8!

What a weekend!  Bella turned 8 on Friday so naturally a weekend of celebrations followed. My horse mad little lady was thrilled with her horse riding lessons for her birthday and even more excited to hear the first was going to be on Saturday. Friday was of corse a school day, so off my little birthday girl went armed with sweets for all of her friends and a big fat in your face birthday badge!! Friday night was a chilled one; Bella had the choice of going out for dinner or staying in with a take away of her choice,…

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