The Eden Project

One of our favourite family destinations for a UK break is Cornwall. I spent so many of my own childhood summers in Cornwall with my grandparents, so being able to take my daughters back to see some of my favourite spots is lovely. We recently spent a long weekend in St.Ives, a gorgeous quirky seaside town. We’ve been down to St.Ives a few times in the past so are familiar with the long drive. I don’t need to tell you 4 hours in the car with three kids is not much fun so we broke the drive up with a… View Post

Finding Time For Everything Is Tough, But You Can Do It!

When you are a mum, finding time to fit everything in can be quite the challenge, but one that we must balance anyway! Sometimes it is the case that you need to prioritise certain things and others kind of get pushed to the back, but that’s okay because as long as the essentials get done, that is the main thing. However, sometimes we even struggle in finding time for those, and in this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most common things that we just don’t feel like we have time for. If you are… View Post

A trip of a life time

Travel to me doesn’t just mean to me lavish summer holidays, laying in the sun. Travel to me is visiting new places, whether that’s 30 minutes down the road or on the other side of the world. I love to travel. I love exploring new cities and introducing the children to new places and new cultures. When I know I have a trip coming up, I take my time doing lots of research and planning things out to ensure we have the best time. Don’t get me wrong I like to have the chance to relax and few ‘do nothing’… View Post

Saving Money On Household Bills

As a mum of three young girls I am always looking for ways to save money and reduce the everyday outgoings without cutting down on the things we love to do. Children don’t come cheap as you’ll all know and I much prefer to spend time and money on our adventures which is why I have put together some quick simple tips to help you cut down on your everyday household bills. Broadband With my passion for blogging and youtube (and netflix) I can’t afford to scrimp on our broadband connection. But that needn’t mean it costs the earth. For good… View Post

L.O.L Surprise Hair Goals!

The girls have been huge fans of L.O.L dolls for so long now. They love nothing more than opening up a new LOL and seeing who they have. Their collection is ever expanding but they play with them all the time which I love to see. There’s nothing worse than watching toys collect dust, and there is no chance of that with the L.O.L collection. When the girls aren’t creating little scenarios for the dolls they’re changing their outfits and accessories and now also their hair! L.O.L dolls have always just had the standard plastic hair until the launch of… View Post