Family Date Night With Las Iguanas

Last week Las Iguanas invited us down to try out their menu and have a family date night, South American food is definitely one of my favourites – did someone say Fajitas!? I was there like a shot. Family date night are so precious to me. My three are all now at school and I am busy juggling the working mum lifestyle so I was so excited for some time with them. Las Iguanas menu did not disappoint, I love how its laid out by country so you know if the dish has come from Mexico, Argentina   or even… View Post

The Most Child-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

When planning a family holiday at any time in the year, it can be difficult to find somewhere suitable. You will want to find somewhere with enough attractions to keep you all entertained; it will need to be within your budget and ideally somewhere that is not too challenging to travel. In addition to this, you will also want to choose somewhere that is child-friendly so that you can relax and the kids can enjoy themselves. Fortunately, there are many excellent child-friendly holiday destinations that tick all of the boxes and should allow for a special trip for everyone. Kefalonia… View Post

Crazy Golf With Mighty Claws!

The girls have recently discovered a new love and that is for crazy golf. I won’t lie there is work needed but they absolutely love it! I remember trying it with them a couple of years back and hey just ran off kicked balls and it was a bit of a disaster. They’re finally at an age where they can play, enjoy and we actually get to finish the whole course – it’s great! We were very kindly invited down to Mighty Claws recently to enjoy an after school pizza, milk shake and round of golf. Mighty Claws is the… View Post

The Best Places To Visit Santa In Dorset

As we approach my eight Christmas as a parent (What!). My thoughts have turned to where I will be taking the little tribe to see Santa this year. It’s a tradition so many of us do but one that can be hit and miss. Like most the main tick points for me are; value for money and a  fun, magical experience for the kids. We’ve been to some terrible Santa’s Grottos and some amazing ones so here is my guide to the best places to visit Santa in Dorset. Breakfast with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre.  Great for the family as… View Post

Christmas sorted with Our Generation

What is your children’s favourite game to play? Mine love to play schools above anything else. They can spend hours in their room swapping between being teachers and students, I love listening in on it. It gives me an idea of what they get up to at school and it seems to encourage their learning without them even realising. Only last night I was at Lottie’s parents evening and her teacher was expressing how please she as with her progress. Her letter formation and sounding out and then I realised I can’t take all the credit it comes from Bella… View Post