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  • Homemade Sushi With Kelly Loves

    Homemade Sushi With Kelly Loves
  • Top 20 activities for families in Dorset this summer

    Top 20 activities for families in Dorset this summer
  • 10 Cool And Quirky Gift Ideas For Tween Girls | AD

    10 Cool And Quirky Gift Ideas For Tween Girls | AD
  • Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD

    Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD

Books To Keep Children Busy This Summer!

Whether you’re trying to entertain whilst travelling or simply looking for activities that’ll keep the children happy during the summer Books2Door have a great selection for all ages to enjoy. From a young age I have loved to read; so have always really encouraged my children to follow suit. Now that my big girls are strong independent readers it’s about encouraging them to try different genres and authors but with Elsie still being so young it’s still all about making story time fun with lots of silly voices and actions. She loves reading books at any time of the day but…

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Staying Active With Moon Shoes | AD

As I mentioned last month the girls and I have teamed up with Character Toys as part of their Stay Active ambassador team! The Stay Active range is aimed at assisting in reducing child obesity and mental health issues. Character want to help inspire parents wanting to reduce screen time to get their children active by creating family-inclusive activities and toys we can all enjoy together. There are many benefits of the Stay Active range such as increased mental wellbeing, improving movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time plus encouraging those social skills that boost self-esteem, and confidence! Last month we were having…

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DoodleJamz Review

My girls love to draw, colour and create. They’re always scribbling on something and the amount of scrap paper I seem to find daily just left on the table is insane. DoodleJamz have changed all of that with their mess-free drawing pads that can be used over and over again. No more messy scraps of paper everywhere WAHOO! So what is DoodleJamz? DoodleJamz are a squish & shape, sensory, mess-free drawing pad filled with safe, non- toxic gel or beads. These can then be drawn on or moulded into endless fantastic creations. They come with a stylus or you can simply use…

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Introducing Pom Pops | Review

Pom Pops combine two of my girls favourite things. Unboxing surprises and craft activities! It’s a really unique idea that combines the two things together perfectly. The whole unboxing surprises has been huge for a couple of years now. My girls love anything that involves unwrapping and opening. It  can make even the most simple of toys so much more of a fun experience for them. Pom Pops have taken it up a notch with their unique concept that gets the kids to unbox and then discover the surprise materials which then allows them to make their own special ‘popped’…

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Protecting your children’s futures

When you become a parent your priorities (quite rightly) shift. It’s not just about looking after yourself anymore. You now have a child, or children that you have to look after too. Of corse in our first thoughts when preparing for a baby it’s all about keeping them fed, clean, safe and happy. We know we have to put our full nights sleep on the back burner to do night feeds for a few years, we know we’ll be forfeiting our pristine home decor for finger prints on every single surface and ghastly plastic toys that take up the living…

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