A Pizza Making Masterclass At The Bournemouth Stable

There is one food in this world that I am always in the mood for. It could be for lunch, it could be for dinner (breakfast might be pushing it), but Pizza will always win. Pizza can be so different depending on where you go or how you cook it yet The Bournemouth Stable always get it right. And now I know all their secrets – muhahahahaha. The Stable is the well known for being the best pizza and cider restaurant in town, just a stones throw away from the gorgeous golden sands of Bournemouth beach. I have been a… View Post

Smyths Toy Superstores Are Having A Party!

Like many children, Smyths Toys Superstores is one of my girls favourite place in the world. I like sitting in spa’s for the day they like sitting in toy shops. I remember the excitement that I used to feel as a child when going to visit a toy store. It was amazing especially when you can get hands on with some of the toys. So seeing my daughters little faces light up when I say we’re going to Smyths makes me so happy. Smyths are throwing a free party this bank holiday weekend. This Sat 25th, from 9am, Smyths stores… View Post

Hunting for the BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

The world exclusive LEGO® brick dinosaur event BRICKOSAURS! is currently at Marwell Zoo, the girls and I were invited down to check it out and we had the best day out we’ve had in a longggg time. I hadn’t been to Marwell Zoo since I was a child myself, it was a well over due visit and a first for my daughters. Marwell Zoo is situation in Hampshire which isn’t too far for us at all. It’s really well sign posted on the way down the M25 which is always a good help! We arrived early, the zoo wasn’t open until… View Post

Introducing The New SNAPSTAR Dolls!

‘Children grow up in the blink of an eye’. That age old saying we all hear time and time again as new parents. Just lately I have had to stop on more than one occasion and do a double take of my girls or say what did you just say because they are astounding me at just how grown up they are lately. As most parents would I’d love to keep them my teeny tiny babies for ever but I cant help but feel so proud of the bight, head strong little ladies they’re turning into. They are particularly fond… View Post

Little Decorative Touches That Make a Huge Difference

Have you ever walked into a freshly decorated room and got the feeling that something is off. Not quite right? I know I have. After a while, what is wrong becomes obvious. Usually, it turns out to be something small. A little detail that we have missed, which, most of the time, can easily be fixed. Here are a few decorating tasks that are often overlooked. Renewing the skirting boards When redecorating a room renewing the skirting boards is not top of most homeowner’s list. Yet, as you can see here, there are more than 60 different styles available. If… View Post