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  • Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD

    Staying Active With Splash Out! | AD
  • A Handy Checklist For Wedding Planning

    A Handy Checklist For Wedding Planning
  • Books To Keep Children Busy This Summer!

    Books To Keep Children Busy This Summer!
  • Staying Active With Moon Shoes | AD

    Staying Active With Moon Shoes | AD

Introducing Pom Pops | Review

Pom Pops combine two of my girls favourite things. Unboxing surprises and craft activities! It’s a really unique idea that combines the two things together perfectly. The whole unboxing surprises has been huge for a couple of years now. My girls love anything that involves unwrapping and opening. It  can make even the most simple of toys so much more of a fun experience for them. Pom Pops have taken it up a notch with their unique concept that gets the kids to unbox and then discover the surprise materials which then allows them to make their own special ‘popped’…

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Protecting your children’s futures

When you become a parent your priorities (quite rightly) shift. It’s not just about looking after yourself anymore. You now have a child, or children that you have to look after too. Of corse in our first thoughts when preparing for a baby it’s all about keeping them fed, clean, safe and happy. We know we have to put our full nights sleep on the back burner to do night feeds for a few years, we know we’ll be forfeiting our pristine home decor for finger prints on every single surface and ghastly plastic toys that take up the living…

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Things to do with your tweens this Easter

As the girls get older I am finding the ‘what shall we do in the holidays’ tougher and tougher to answer. At ages, 11,10&8 it’s so hard to find things they all enjoy. When they were younger we used to have bucket lists created weeks in advanced full of parks we wanted to visit, farm days and soft play trips plus playdates with friends filling all of our weeks to the brim. It just isn’t like that anymore; if I suggest a park I am told it’s for ‘babies’. Soft play is off the cards and catch ups with friends is…

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YoYo Ball Review

I don’t know about you but when I was younger YoYo’s were all the rage at school. The playground was absolutely  full of them (until they got banned by the headteacher!). They were the biggest craze to hit our primary school since Pokémon cards hit the scene. You’d see neon light up YoYo’s, YoYo’s that made noises, some children even had ‘pro’ YoYo’s. Whilst I don’t really know what this YoYo actually did differently to make it classed as ‘pro’ but at the time it seemed pretty cool. The one thing I did know was; I was bloody rubbish at…

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Staying Active With Jump It | AD

I have always thought of us as a pretty active family. While the girls were young I was always the mum at the park first thing or on the beach with the kids jumping waves until the sun went down. However, it’s recently dawned on me that we are no where near as active as we once were. Between co-parenting with their dad, home work and after school clubs I feel like we spend more and more time in the car ferrying between activities than actually being active. Not to mention the draw of screens that seem to be all…

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