Goodbye July Hello August!

Yes I am very late to getting around to writing this months post. Of corse I am going to blame my busy schedule but basically we’ve just been having way to much fun for me to sit down and start writing! July was a little bit of an end of an era, Bella finished her time at infant school, junior school is looming and she is so excited! Lottie also finished her first year of reception, those first few days back in September when she cried for her big sisters half the day now seem like a million years ago… View Post

A year of being a working mum..

It’s been over a year now since I dipped my toe back into the world of full time traditional work. I say traditional work as I have been self employed as a blogger/sometimes YouTuber for 5 years, but I’m talking about that 9-5 grind – being in an office with other human-beings – kind of work. There are things I have learnt along the way as a working mum with three children so I thought I would share them with you. You need to do something you love.  I don’t there is anything worse than sitting at work thinking of… View Post

Date Night At The Inn In The Park |Review|

Date night is one I always look forward to! James and I both have really busy work schedules and with the kids also thrown in the mix,  it’s rare that we have all that much quality time together. However we do try and make the effort to have at least one date night a week. Whether that’s going out somewhere or just having an evening at home where all the laptops and phones are switched off and we cook dinner together or something. Last weeks date night was pretty epic, we were invited down to Inn In The Park for… View Post

Our Summer Plans!

Summer is my favourite time of year, hands down! I love the long days, the warm weather, the summer holidays and the freedom to just get outdoors it’s the best! I always write a little summer bucket list for the girls and I and this year is no different. I am working throughout the summer holiday but a little bit of full time work will not be stopping the fun! I am very lucky to have 2 days a week working from home so although I’ll be working I can still set up some fun activities for the girls and… View Post

Goodbye June, Hello July!

And breathe…  June was quite possibly one of the most exhausting months of this year. I started my new job!! Which I must say I am absolutely loving – three weeks in now and I just know that the was the best decision for not only me but the whole family. Yes I’m working longer hours, yes it’s a juggle with the kids but for one I love the job. The people I work with are great, each day is different and I feel challenged. And two the girls have adapted really well, they are enjoying going to extra clubs… View Post