Getting In The Christmas Spirit With Wayfair

Christmas is coming around so quickly this year! I am feeling super festive, it’s quite early for me as I don’t usually get into the spirit until around mid December. I have my eldest daughters birthday on the 9th so I don’t put up the tree until after that but this year I couldn’t help but get a few little Christmasy touches up around the house. I am so happy with how it’s all looking. I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to talk about this years hottest Christmas decor trends of 2018, for me ‘into the woods’ is a firm favourite.… View Post

Playmobil City Life Playground Play set |Review|

My daughters are huge fans of making and creating so when they received the Playmobil City Life Childrens Playground play set they were so excited to start building. I love how easy the instructions are to follow, each step has its own page in the booklet with a clear and precise image. It means that the girls cannot follow with minimal input from me. As much as I love to sit and play with them there is something quite special about stepping back and watching your children work together to create something. It didn’t take too long for the girls… View Post

Potato Gratin with Cheese and Bacon |Recipe|

Christmas lunch, the most highly anticipated lunch of them all. We all do it differently, we all have our own little traditions and tricks but one thing we all know is – you just can’t beat it. This week I made my Potato Gratin with Cheese and Bacon to accompany our roast and couldn’t help but think, why haven’t I made this as part of Christmas lunch before? Add cheese and bacon to pretty much anything and I am sold so this is a firm favourite for us. The girls tucked in too; it was clean plates all round so… View Post

Ladybird Tales Of Adventurous Girls

I know all about adventurous girls, I’m raising three. For me it’s so important to raise my girls to be curious, ambitious and above all adventurous. I always encourage them to do their best, try new things and push the boundaries. Sometimes it shoots me in the foot they are feisty little things but I wouldn’t have them any other way. I have been loving reading the Ladybird Tales Of Adventurous Girls to my daughters. For way to long have we told stories about a damsel in distress waiting for the prince to come and save her. These tales are… View Post

How to Create a Stunning Master Bedroom

Every parent needs a beautiful bedroom to call their own. It will serve as the one space within the home where you can close the door and enjoy a little calm and privacy. It is therefore essential to create your own mini haven away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. If you want to transform your sleeping space into a relaxing retreat, check out the below tips on how to create a stunning master bedroom. Focus on Feng Shui Basic Feng Shui principles are believed to add both harmony and balance into your interior design while helping… View Post