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  • London with 4 children? No Sweat..

    London with 4 children? No Sweat..
  • How to encourage your children to read more

    How to encourage your children to read more
  • Summer is not over yet with Jaques of London outdoor games

    Summer is not over yet with Jaques of London outdoor games
  • Drgnfly Restaurant Review

    Drgnfly Restaurant Review

12 activities to entertain your 6 month old baby

Watching as you baby learns through play is one of the most fun and exciting times. Babies are constantly changing and learning new things about the world they live in and it’s just incredible to watch. These activities are a perfect way to entertain your 6 month old baby. Not only do they provide fun but helps to encourage those new mental and physical skills they are picking up daily. It’s important to remember all babies to develop at different rates so bear that in mind when deciding which activities to set up for your baby, these activities are perfect…

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The Best Pub In Corfe | The Greyhound |

I think the title of the blog speaks for itself but I’m going to say it again, we have discovered the best pub in the village of Corfe and that is The Greyhound. I have been visiting Corfe for years, my grandparents always rented a cottage there at Christmas when I was little so the village itself holds a lot of sentimental value to me especially since we lost my Grandad. I love taking the girls and showing them where we used to stay. Recently we went to The Greyhound and had the BEST pub lunch I have had in…

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Elsie at 10 Months – She’s On The Move

Elsie is 10 months! And she’s officially on the move. As you can imagine life has gone from being 7/10 crazy (maybe 6/10 on a good day) to 9.9/10 mental. I thought I did a lot during that day before but now my feet barely touch the ground. I must admit I had completely forgotten how intense life is with a crawling baby. She is so quick and so mischievous! But it’s not all bad that happy little face as she comes charging towards me is just gorgeous. I don’t think it’ll be long until she’s chasing us around on…

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Our Breast Feeding Journey

Elsie is now 8 months old and I can officially say; our breast feeding journey has now come to an end. If you’d of told me this a few months ago I wouldn’t of believed it. I would have been so upset at the thought of no longer feeding my little baby but now as I sit here typing away I am so happy and content with our journey and where we are now. I am a huge advocate for breast feeding – if that’s what you want to do. I have done both bottle feeding and breast feeding over…

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Making The Most Of A Summer At Home

I think we can all agree this last year has not gone the way in which we planned. Since last March I have felt some what ‘on hold’. Never quite feeling confident enough to make plans months ahead. We’ve missed out on holidays, days out, parties, family events and while at the time it feels like the worst thing. In the grand scheme of things we are so lucky to just have our health and happiness. After yet another booked, cancelled and (thankfully) refunded holiday has just gone by we have taken the decision to hold off booking anymore trips…

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