How Throw A Princess Tea Party

Being a mini sized princess can be hard work; you have to look the part, dance around the lounge doing ‘ballet’ and even be nice to your sister’s – well that’s what my daughters think anyway. As you can imagine the princess game face lasts about 5 minutes when your sister jumps in front of you busting out your best ballet moves, it’s hard to be nice apparently. Regardless of this my daughters all love playing princess dress up so much so that we recently invited our friends over for a princess themed afternoon tea with all the essentials that little princesses need.

To throw the perfect princess party you will need: 

Dresses – It’s all about the dress don’t you know, at this particular tea party we had a Rapunzel, Arial, Sofia the first & a super girl (Lottie clearly see’s princesses as super heroes, I totally get her thought process in that outfit choice – she was thinking outside the box).

Maisy really loves to create drawing after drawing of her own dream dresses, I do think she’s a mini fashion designer in the making – how cool would it be to see that brought to life! Tesco are giving us that very opportunity with their princess dress competition find a the details here.

Tiara’s & wands – Every princess needs some bling.

Snacks – because even the most princesssey of princesses are hungry every 3-5 minutes.

How Throw A Princess Tea Party

Activities – We made tiara’s, lots of glitter was involved. LOTS. I am still finding it now.

Thank-you cards – A princess never forgets her manners. Hallmark have such a lovely range of princess themed cards fit for any occasion. It’s a lovely little touch to write one out for your guests to take home. The girls are all so into writing and drawing right now so any excuse.

Our princess afternoon tea party was great fun, it was nice to make a regular playdate just that little more special!

Thank-you to Hallmark for all the goodies they really did add the finishing touches to our afternoon.

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