How Throw A Princess Tea Party

Being a mini sized princess can be hard work; you have to look the part, dance around the lounge doing ‘ballet’ and even be nice to your sister’s – well that’s what my daughters think anyway. As you can imagine the princess game face lasts about 5 minutes when your sister jumps in front of you busting out your best ballet moves, it’s hard to be nice apparently. Regardless of this my daughters all love playing princess dress up so much so that we recently invited our friends over for a princess themed afternoon tea with all the essentials that…

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Getting #WheelieCreative With George At ASDA

I was recently invited by George at ASDA to take part in their #WheelieCreative bike campaign which involves us coming up with a theme for one their children’s bikes and getting a little creative. Now father christmas kindly bought my big girls bikes christmas just gone so I thought it would be fun to choose a little balance bike for Lottie so she can zoom up and down with her sister’s. I went for the WeeRide Slyde balance bike in pink, it caught my eye as it just looks so cool and different to other balance bikes I have seen. Lottie is…

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Hair glow Rapunzel giveaway

With an all girl house hold disney princesses are a big deal under my roof. They are on top of Maisy’s Birthday and christmas list this year she is obsessed. It’s lovely though as I remember being the same at her age – princess mad! Our current favourites of corse include’s Rapunzel, ever since we saw the hugely successful Disney’s hit film Tangled Maisy has been obsessed which is why the hair glow Rapunzel doll is top of her list. It isn’t just your average barbie doll, Rapunzel’s hair makes her very special. When you brush it, it will begin to magically glow…

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