How Throw A Princess Tea Party

Being a mini sized princess can be hard work; you have to look the part, dance around the lounge doing ‘ballet’ and even be nice to your sister’s – well that’s what my daughters think anyway. As you can imagine the princess game face lasts about 5 minutes when your sister jumps in front of you busting out your best ballet moves, it’s hard to be nice apparently. Regardless of this my daughters all love playing princess dress up so much so that we recently invited our friends over for a princess themed afternoon tea with all the essentials that…

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Tesco’s 60 minute roast challenge

Recently I was challenged by Tesco to whip up a delicious roast dinner in the space of 60 minutes – yes just one hour. It can’t be done I hear you say? Well that was my first thought but I do love a challenge so of corse said yes anyway. A few day’s later a hamper arrived to get me on my way with a voucher for all the ingredients – now just to figure out how to do this in an hour! I invited a couple of friends over to watch the girls in exchange for feeding whilst I…

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