Tesco’s 60 minute roast challenge

Tesco’s 60 minute roast challenge

Recently I was challenged by Tesco to whip up a delicious roast dinner in the space of 60 minutes – yes just one hour. It can’t be done I hear you say? Well that was my first thought but I do love a challenge so of corse said yes anyway.

A few day’s later a hamper arrived to get me on my way with a voucher for all the ingredients – now just to figure out how to do this in an hour!


I invited a couple of friends over to watch the girls in exchange for feeding whilst I got busy in the kitchen – they’re never ones to turn down a good roast dinner (especially one of mine!)

I opted for chicken breast wrapped in bacon instead of a whole joint of meat 1. I prefer the breast, I waste way to much otherwise and 2. it will cook a lot faster. Seasoned with some paprika (‘cus I loves it) and in they went!

roast 2

The biggest challenge was getting it all prepare quickly so I could get it cooking and ready in time with three small people popping in stealing carrots and just generally pleading starvation.

roast 3

As per I went way over board on food!

roast 5

With only five minutes to spare I completely cheated and went for instant gravy – sometimes it just has to be done.

roast 6But here is the finished product all plated up and ready to go within about 62mins – I told you I got a lot of food. The chicken was cooked perfectly I would of given the potatoes another 10 minutes to get them really crispy but all in all I was pretty chuffed with mu efforts. It went down well with everyone which is the main thing!

I don’t think anything beats a good Sunday roast does it. Tesco is helping the great British public to make the most of family time at home with recipes and tips for creating the perfect Sunday roast. For more tasty Sunday roast recipes and top tips visit realfood.tesco.com.

Are you going to try the 60 minute roast challenge?

roast 7

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