Lumie Bodyclock Review

Lumie Bodyclock Review

As a mum of three young girls morning’s are hard, I’m not going to lie when they come bouncing into my bedroom at 6:30 I’m often not the cheeriest of chaps. I have never been a morning person I was the typical teenager always late for school and in turn always late for work doing my make up on the way, a you can imagine having the girls was a shock to the system. Up until Maisy started nursery though it wasn’t too bad, if I really couldn’t wake up and get going we’d have a slow, lazy morning now that’s out the window every day I need to have us all up, ready, fed and out the door by 8am OUCH!

I’ve always wanted to be more of a morning person you know those who jump out of bed, dance out the door looking amazing and have spring in my step but it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

Recently I was asked if I’d like to review a Lumie Bodyclock an alarm clock designed to help you gently and naturally wake up with a simulated sunrise. I’ve heard such great things about it from other people I wanted to see for myself, does it work? will it really help me be less of a grouch when the terrors run in at god knows what time?

When it arrived I was excited, took it straight upstairs and found a nice little spot for it!

Lumie bodyclock

The instructions are pretty simple to follow, I got it set up within about 10 minutes – you have the option of a 30 minute sunset to help you nod off and the 30 minute sunrise to wake you up gently you can also set an alarm to sound once the sun has risen, I haven’t used this function as the light has been enough to wake me. So the first night I went up to bed and set the sunrise for 6:30 the next morning as the sun was setting I drifted off only to be woken by the girls at half 5! I’d been a tad optimistic with my wake up time.
Night numer 2 and I went for 6am, this time it was spot on I woke just before the kids I could hear them getting out of bed and whispering to each other “are you awake yet? Shall we go see mummy?” we had some lovely cuddles as the sun finished rising, the day had definitely started on a much better note.

My favourite part is actually the sunset though, I spend most of my evenings looking at a screen and usually don’t stop even when I get in bed, I’m always having a last check on my phone. It means when it come to bed time my brain is still buzzing I have a million thoughts and ideas whizzing around in my head but having the gentle light dimming beside me is really calming, it helps me to relax unwind and drift off a lot faster than usual.

Would I recommend the Lumie Bodyclock?

Yes I would, its definitely a much nicer way to be woken up than a blaring alarm as mentioned above there is an alarm setting as well if that is your style but i prefer the gentle light waking me. It sets you up for the day and helps you relax in the evening, I also like that it can be used as a reading light that will automatically turn off after 90 minutes great as a reading light.

Big thank you to Lumie for giving me the chance to try the body clock out it has a permentant place in my bedroom now I love it!loom bodyclock sunrise

If you would like to try the Lumie body clock for yourself then keep your eyes pealed as I am going to be running a competition for you to win one of your own in the next week!

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  1. May 31, 2015 / 4:04 pm

    Looks and sounds fab – I would like one of these too. Great review and thanks for sharing. 🙂 Jess x

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