Lumie Bodyclock Review

As a mum of three young girls morning’s are hard, I’m not going to lie when they come bouncing into my bedroom at 6:30 I’m often not the cheeriest of chaps. I have never been a morning person I was the typical teenager always late for school and in turn always late for work doing my make up on the way, a you can imagine having the girls was a shock to the system. Up until Maisy started nursery though it wasn’t too bad, if I really couldn’t wake up and get going we’d have a slow, lazy morning now…

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Happy mornings

This morning at 6:00am I found myself dancing round the lounge with my toddlers whilst the baby watched on looking rather amused.I have woken up with awful hay fever but my mood today will not be ruined by the pesky pollen or the fact I left the washing on the line over night and is now damp again! WhoopsThe best way for me to wake myself up and get myself in a good mood for the day is to whack on the tunes and be silly with the kids. So here is my top 5 songs for getting me smiling in the morning;“walking on…

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