Goodbye 2018..

There is one word that stands out most when it comes to describing 2018.. Change.

2018 was a year full of changes for us; I went back to full time work and there were plenty of bumps along the way as we adjusted to a completely new routine. I know to some it doesn’t seem like a big deal but after being a stay at home mum of three for 7 years it was HUGE.

The girls adjusted to longer hours at school and nursery like pro’s and I adjusted to juggling a thousand plates. I have a completely new found respect for working mum’s – its hard graft. I know I’ve worked for the last few years self employed on my blog but this is whole a different kettle of fish. It’s great though; I get to speak to actual adults everyday, I feel motivated and I have more security with a regular pay.

I miss the girls a ton when I’m working, I really struggled with it at first but now they are all in school – that’s right my baby started school this year! I am finding it a lot easier now and cherishing the weekends we have together.

Amongst all the change we have created some great memories here are a few of my 2018 highlights.

We adventured around as many National Trust sites as we could.

Lottie turned 4 and started school this year!

We explored Windsor.

Bella turned 6!

Bella had big cuddles with George pig at Paultons park.

I hoped on board the Norwegain Bliss for a few days.

I took the girls to Turkey for two weeks! We had the best holiday ever, I was terrified of traveling solo with three children but it was incredible. Read more about Holiday Village Turkey here.

We made the most of living by the sea side!


I hit Barcelona with two of my besties – we went to watch the Queen B preform and spent a few days on roof top bars drinking cocktails – absolute bliss.

Milkshake anyone?

We rocked out at Camp Bestival..

Explored the Isle of Wight..

Got all spooky for Halloween!

Maisy finally lost her stabilisers woooooo!

We crunched in the leaves and jumped in puddles.

Maisy turned 8 – I still can’t quite believe it.

Before we knew it, Christmas day was here.

And until I wrote this I thought we’d had quite a quiet year – bring on 2019 and all the fun it will bring.



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