Stateroom’s & The Haven Onboard The Norwegian Bliss

Last week I was very lucky to be invited on board the Norwegian Bliss for her inaugural sail from Germany to Southampton. Now I have been on the odd cruise ship for lunch or a little tour but I have never properly stayed on a cruise ship so it was all super new and exciting for me.

We left early Thursday morning and flew over to Germany to board this brand spanking new ship. I was blown away 20 decks of pure luxury just waiting to be explored!

In this post I am going to share with you a little peek at some of the staterooms, I don’t know about you but its always the bedrooms I am most curious about. I am also going to share a little look at The Haven and the facilities provided when staying in the most luxurious part of the ship.
Later in the week I will be sharing more about the food and facilities so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

So here is a look at my room; No.12824 – A Junior Suite. I feel very special to be the first person to ever sleep in this room.

It was a great size, as it was my first time I had been expecting something slightly cramped and basic. I was so very wrong. A Junior Suite will sleep 4 guests; there’s a big king sized bed and a double sofa bed. The room just screamed elegance with its gorgeous interiors, it felt like no expense was spared when it came to designing this stylish, comfortable living space.

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite

USB ports by the lights and complimentary towels were a huge plus! The one thing that let me down was no tea bags, you know what us Brits are like about our tea but it seems to be where most hotels/holidays struggle – it would have been great to see a few english breakfast teas with the coffee. How ever good coffee so I will let it slide..

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite

Again the bathroom was divine, super spacious and the shower.. well I think I could write a whole blog post on that shower. With all its fancy settings and water jets I really could do with installing one of those at home!

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite Bathroom

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite Bathroom

I did upload a room tour to my youtube channel so if you want to see a more in depth look around the room you can watch that here.

Now on to some of my other favourite parts of the ship. As you can imagine with 20 decks to explore 2 days wasn’t quite enough to see and experience it all to it’s full potential but I did my best and managed to fall in love with The Haven almost on first sight.

The Haven is home to the most luxurious of rooms on board the Norwegian cruise ships. Not only do you have access to all the ships facilities you also have areas exclusively for haven guests including a sun deck, pool, lounge and restaurant. As if that isn’t enough you also have a 24 hour butler service. Sign me up!

Norwegian Bliss Haven Suite

Norwegian Bliss Haven Suite

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous; again elegant decor with plenty of space and storage. Below is a little look at the owners suite, the top room on the whole ship it really is another level – just amazing.

Norwegian Bliss Haven Owners Suite

Norwegian Bliss Haven Private Pool

So that is a little look at the staterooms and the Haven. Seeing the rooms close up definitely changed my opinion of cruising they were a far cry from the cramped cabins I had envisioned.

I have so much so much more to share with you from my trip so keep an eye out for that over the coming weeks.

Norwegian Bliss Junior Suite pin



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