15 reasons to visit Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival is without a doubt one of the girls and I’s favourite events every single year. We have been going the last three years now and it just gets better and better. Rather than sharing a typical what we got up to post for 2018 (which I am sure I will do anyway) I thought I’d change it up and share with you my 15 reasons to visit Camp Bestival.

15 reasons to visit Camp Bestival

  1. It’s the most friendly atmosphere you’ll come across. No-one ever looks unhappy at Camp Bestival it’s just none stop fun.
  2. Lulworth castle is the most gorgeous setting. I live in Dorset so I am slightly biased but it’s one of the most stunning places in the country you can’t beat it.
  3. Loads of live music! It’s a festival so of corse there is a ton of live music, there’s something to suit everyone from rock to dance – you will love it.
  4. Food glorious food. I don’t feel like the food at Camp Bestival gets enough love. There is an abundance of food stalls to choose from with plenty of variety. There is something to suit all tastebuds including loads of veggie and vegan options.
  5. Get ready for the glitter. The odds are that 4 weeks on and roughly 12 hair washes later you’ll still be finding the stuff but you have got to love the glitter!
  6. Visiting The Dingly Dell. Make sure to put some time aside in your trip to go and make the most of the Dingly Dell Woods. It feels like you are miles away from the festival and it’s just so much fun. Kids can play in the park, go tree climbing, play on the wooden drum set, do some crafting and lots lots more.
  7. Get stuck into some crafts! Camp Bestival is a real hands on festival from flower crowns and clay pots to pimping your trolly and making a huge pirate ship there are so many crafts going on for adults and children.
  8. Celeb spotting. Mary Berry cracking out a drum solo on stage with Rick Astley, do I need to say more?
  9. All the fair ground rides. Ferris wheels, helta skelet’s, carousel’s and giant bouncy castles, the kids won’t be bored for a second.
  10. Cocktails in Caravanserai. Definitely one of my favourite spots in the festival, Caravanserai is the perfect spot for a late night cocktail while you sit in a waltzer cart and lots of singing and giggles.
  11. Fancy dress; this years theme was set sail so there was lots of mermaids and pirates floating around it’s great seeing everyone getting so into it.
  12. Camping is so much fun! Okay confession I didn’t camp this year as we have had so much on but we did last year and it was great. The kids will turn mildly feral and you won’t sleep properly for 4 nights but it is the best experience ever! Next year we are camping again for sure.
  13. You can dance your socks off. I love to dance, ask my friends I am first on the dance floor and usually last to leave. You could dance all day long at Camp Bestival with no-one batting an eye lid. From dance classes to silent raves there’s always something going on.
  14. The fireworks! Sunday night is the night to watch one of the best displays of fireworks ever to close the festival! They’re honestly amazing the whole place is lit up and the atmosphere is just incredible.
  15.  The flexibility and payment plan. Festivals are expensive there’s no two ways about it. Tickets are pricey and then theres the food and drinks while you are there. If you get in early with Camp Bestival you get the early bird prices and you can set up monthly payments throughout the year making it a lot more manageable!

So there we have it; 15 reasons to visit Camp Bestival! Early bird tickets for 2019 are already on sale so don’t miss out! It is the ultimate family festival.

Camp Besival Castle Stage


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  1. September 23, 2018 / 6:50 am

    Kids can be a handful of work sometimes. But if you get them what they love then you both will have fun. It will be nice to take the kids to Camp Bestival. Was looking for a place to go with them.

    • Amy
      September 23, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      Thanks for your comment! Camp Bestival is so much fun!

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