Camping Meets Comfort In Pitch Village

Any of you who follow my blog or follow me on social media will know that I was recently at the wettest Camp Bestival in the history of Camp Bestival’s with my three children. I am not a natural camper, I am not at one with nature and I like toilets that have a flush. However the girls were desperate to camp this year so I thought lets give it a whirl!
It was as I was exploring the different options that I came across Pitch Village and instantly knew it was for us. The girls would get the camping experience they craved and I would get a pre pitched tent ready and waiting with a shower block close by. I’m not a camper but I can deal with that.

We arrived at Camp Bestival in heavy rain which made it so much more fun to get all our stuff to the camp site. The winds were so strong I really don’t know how the thousands of other campers managed to pitch up in it. I was so grateful to see our tent ready and waiting for us.

Pitch village also provide tea and coffee on site so I promptly grabbed a hot drink and tried to dry off a little whilst the girls settled themselves in; i.e jumped in their sleeping bags and tried to go to sleep despite it being mid day.

Pitch Village at Camp Bestival

Pitch village looks so much happier in the sun shine.

Pitch Village at Camp Bestival

I would be lying if I said during our stay I didn’t think the tent was about to take off we were up against winds of 40mph. Thankfully the well pitched tent stood it’s ground and made it through the three days in one piece. That may have been a different story if I had been pitching my own! It was so reassuring knowing the team were on hand at all times if anything should go wrong.

So other than a pre pitched tent with your roll mats and sleeping bags provided what else does Pitch Village offer?

  • Hot drinks; as previously mentioned they have an area with hot water, coffee, tea even hot chocolate for us to use. The girls were thrilled to have as much hot chocolate as they could consume.
  • Drinking water and a sink to wash up in; it wasn’t even something I had thought about (such a rookie) it was so handy to have a sink for brushing teeth and washing up plates and bowls.
  • Showers; so there are shower facilities for the whole of the festival but as you can imagine in general camping those queues are massive! There was never more than one or two people waiting at a time for the showers in Pitch Village and they were cleaned daily to a high standard by the team.
  • Toilets; again of corse there are other loos all over the place but these were just for us campers staying  in Pitch Village to use – meaning cleaner.
  • Pamper hub; Mirrors, hair dryers & straighteners – need I say more?
  • Charging facilities; Is a blogger with no battery even a blogger?

Pitch Village at Camp Bestival

Pitch Village at Camp Bestival

I guess the big question is, will I be camping at a festival again? My answer would be – yes. With Pitch Village that is. They combine camping and comfort in the most perfect way to give you the ultimate festival experience. They really looked after us and I would like to say a HUGEEEEE thank-you to all of the team for making our stay so much fun!

To see more of our weekend and a little tour of Pitch Village check out our video of the weekend..

We were invited to stay with Pitch Village at Camp Bestival in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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