Captain Pug – Book Review

Captain Pug – Book Review


Reading to my girls has been something I have done since they were newborn, it always relaxed them before bed, given us some bonding time and allowed us some chilled out time all together. We were recently asked to take a look at a new book by Laura James “Captain Pug“.
captain pug 1

Now Captain Pug is aimed at 5-7 year olds my girls are 2, 4 and 5 so a little younger but I still thought it would be a nice book for us to read together, a chapter a night giving the girls something to look forward to before bed.

captain pug 2

I was pleasantly surprised to see although it is longer than the books we usually read there are still cute, bright illustrations on each page with large writing making it clear and easy to read.

Maisy is doing really well with reading at school so she was enjoying reading the odd sentence for me.

captain pug 4

I don’t want to spoil the story too much but in a nutshell ‘Pug’ is off to a sea and just happens to be scared of water, the story follows pugs adventure in a fun way that the kids just found hilarious. Night after night the girls looked forward to hearing some more of Captian Pug’s adventure’s, It’s defiantly a story they will want to read again. Right now we are looking forward to his second adventure which will be out in January 2016.

captain pug 6

We loves captain pug and would recommend to any little book worms out there!


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