Buying A Home

Buying A Home

I moved out of my childhood home and into my own first little flat aged 18 (6 years ago whaaaaaaaaat!) since then I have moved about a few times, a growing brood meaning we needed more space usually being the cause.
These have all been rented properties as it was the never right time for us too buy and since becoming a single parent a little over year ago I never thought it would be something that could be possible for me. However after looking at some of the first time buyer schemes that are flying about all the time I actually can see one day it might be feasible for me and my little girlies to have our own home.

Don’t get me wrong it won’t be next week or anything but that doesn’t mean I can’t start making some plans to reach my goal.

First being doing my research; looking at what type of home I would like, how much potentially it would cost and looking into more of the schemes that are around. Ideally I would love a new build house, something that would just be ours, to make our own, fill with our personalities and create memories. New Home Finder is a site that will help me so just that, taking the time out of trawling the web and giving me the new build developments in my area in one place. They also offer a ton of free advice for buying and selling all in one place it’s like a little home buying haven. Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 23.14.30

Secondly looking at what I need to do; saving money, cutting costs, being realistic about setting a time frame for this to happen. I won’t put pressure on myself and deprive us of a few luxuries but looking closely at the money that comes in and out each month, setting a budget and sticking to it!

It’s an exciting thought and I know with a little patience and a lot of hard work we will get our own perfect little family home one day..

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  1. June 2, 2016 / 8:39 am

    As a new-build home fan myself I would say yes! It has been a superb option for our family recently and has meant that we can get on with living our lives rather than renovating and doing DIY all the time. Good luck Amy! xx

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