Buying A Home

I moved out of my childhood home and into my own first little flat aged 18 (6 years ago whaaaaaaaaat!) since then I have moved about a few times, a growing brood meaning we needed more space usually being the cause. These have all been rented properties as it was the never right time for us too buy and since becoming a single parent a little over year ago I never thought it would be something that could be possible for me. However after looking at some of the first time buyer schemes that are flying about all the time…

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Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve!!  It feels like only yesterday I was thinking I had all the time in the world before the big day but it’s crept up ever so quickly!  This year is an exciting one, not only is it Lottie’s first christmas with us, it’s the first year that both Maisy and Bella really understand about the magic of santa and have been so excited.  So today we have spent this morning building a gingerbread house ready to be on the centre of the table tomorrow! We attempted a rockyroad house earlier on on December and it was a…

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New House Wishlist

This week we finally found a new house to rent yay, after all the stress and hassle we had in recent months with the last house we were renting I am so so so relived to have some where lined up that we can call home again. On that note I’ve put together a little wish list of things I have my eye on for the house! The down stairs is all open planed which I love so I’m sharing bits for the lounge/dinner/kitchen area. I plan to do another post soon looking at bits for the bedrooms!I found this coffee table from cookes furniture really like this…

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