Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
It’s Christmas Eve!! 

It feels like only yesterday I was thinking I had all the time in the world before the big day but it’s crept up ever so quickly! 

This year is an exciting one, not only is it Lottie’s first christmas with us, it’s the first year that both Maisy and Bella really understand about the magic of santa and have been so excited. 

So today we have spent this morning building a gingerbread house ready to be on the centre of the table tomorrow! We attempted a rockyroad house earlier on on December and it was a disaster so this mess is actually and achievement!!

We are then off to sing some carols at the church for christjingle it’s part of the playgroup we go to on Mondays so that will be nice for the girls to see all their little friends again! 

When we get home after dinner there will be a special suprise waiting for the girls – there Christmas Eve box! 
We don’t go too mad to them the girls will get a ton of of pressies tomorrow but it’s kind of become our tradition to have new pjs and all cuddle up with a new DVD before bed this year being ‘santa claws’ We’re also going to have a nice hot choccy and share a bag of popcorn-Lush!

I came across these Mr.Men chocolate and mug set yesterday in Wilko and thought they would be perfect! 

What are your Christmas Eve plans?

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  1. January 3, 2015 / 2:53 pm

    Aaah I love the Christmas Eve box tradition! Our American friend does it every year for her kids — it’s a lovely thing to do and something I will certainly start when my boys are old enough to understand! At 21 months they didn’t really have a clue what was happening over Christmas!! They didn’t ‘get’ the whole Santa thing at all… I’m hoping it will be something they understand more next December! 🙂

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