My Girls – June

My Girls – June

my girls June FI

Maisy (4 years 6 months) 

Maisy seems to be getting more and more grown up each day, she has well and truly lost that little toddler look about her and is blossoming into a beautiful clever little girl. This month I went to Maisy’s big school to meet her new teacher for reception this September. I was actually thrilled with who she got as Maisy is friends with her daughter but it has now hit me that she will be going to school – she’s already at the nursery but this is it big girl school no more spur of the moment mid week days out she actually has to go every single day and it’ll be this way till she’s 18!! That is mad.

We have been keeping up with swimming lessons each week and its great to see the progress Maisy is making my once shy little lady is so outgoing now. She’s always telling the teacher ‘I can do it myself’ and she’s right she can, she loves it and I can’t wait to watch her progress even more.

Bugs is a new thing Maisy is now obsessed with – they did a topic on it at nursery and now she’s always out hunting for creatures – I may have accidentally stood on a snail the other day and got the telling off of a lifetime!

Another new thing is Maisy has discovered YouTube and the wanders of people opening surprise eggs in front of a camera – I tried to avoid this for a long time but if you have a toddler you’ll know it is more or less inevitable. She also likes to recreate them with her sisters. Maisy June

Bella (3 years 5 months) 

Bella is coming out of her shell more and more as each week passes at nursery she’s so much more confident now going in and I love seeing little photo’s of her throughout the day playing with her friends, for ages I worried she really didn’t like going but now I know she does.

Still enjoying her crafts, this month has been more about the messy play though I bought one of the tuff spots and we have been getting some great use out of it.

The sun has been shining (a bit) in June so we have been spending a lot of time on the beach Bella loves it down there, we all do but Bella will happily sit for hours with a bucket and spade or running down to the sea for a little paddle. bella June

Lottie (16 months)

Lottie’s speech has come on amazingly this month she is coming out with new words each day she nods and shakes her head to answer questions which is so cute. I noticed with all the girls that they start to settle a little more once they can communicate and understand a little better.

She wants to walk everywhere and I mean everywhere the push chair is her least favourite place to be right now, I wouldn’t mind but it takes us about 5 times as long to get anywhere and quite often she gets bored of the direction she’s walking in so just turns and walks the other way, keeps us on our toes I guess.

Climbing is also a new fav she climbs on the back of the sofa and laughs her head off because she know it makes me panic – this kids turning me into a nervous wreck.

Oh and one last thing Lottie is a biter – the other two never bit anyone but we seem to be having an issue with it with Lottie sometimes it’s in frustration, sometimes I think her teeth are aching (she still only has 4) so she just needs to bite something (an arm usually) I’m hoping that as her communication improves this will stop it bloody hurts. Lottie June