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We are back with another review as part of the Stay Active ambassador campaign with Character Toys! Alongside other bloggers and even double olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford we are putting some great Character products to the test over the summer in a bid to get more active as a family!

The Stay Active range is aimed at assisting in reducing child obesity and mental health issues. Character want to help inspire parents wanting to reduce screen time to get their children active by creating family-inclusive activities and toys we can all enjoy together.

There are many benefits of the Stay Active range such as increased mental wellbeing, improving movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time plus encouraging those social skills that boost self-esteem, and confidence!

So far we have had a skip off with Jump It, last month we were reaching for the moon with Characters Moon Shoes and this month we are putting Splash Out to the test.

What is Splash Out?

Splash out is an exciting action game that requires skill, coordination and nerves of steel. you simply need to fill your balloon with water, or air if you are playing inside! You place the balloon inside the cage and wind up the timer. Then start your game of catch. You’ll need to be quick, once the timer runs out the balloon will pop and hence the name SPLASH!

Splash out is available now at SMYTHS.

What did the girls think of Splash Out?

The girls are always up for a water fight so they couldn’t wait to put this to the test. Splash Out comes with 12 replaceable water balloons they are quite small so we did find a few split while trying to fill them but regardless we still had good fun. The girls and their friend really put it to the test and you can just tell by their little faces they has the best time!

At just £10.99 its a bargain and a great twist on a classic water balloon fight. Now we just need that sun to come back so we can get back outside with it!



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