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I have always thought of us as a pretty active family. While the girls were young I was always the mum at the park first thing or on the beach with the kids jumping waves until the sun went down. However, it’s recently dawned on me that we are no where near as active as we once were. Between co-parenting with their dad, home work and after school clubs I feel like we spend more and more time in the car ferrying between activities than actually being active. Not to mention the draw of screens that seem to be all around us. As a household we are all guilty of too much screen time, I often claim to be ‘working’ but in all honestly I spend way too long aimlessly scrolling.

In a bid to get us all more active and reduce the screen time I have teamed up with Character Toys to explore some new family-inclusive toys that can be played inside, outside whilst having fun together.

This month we have been putting the Jump It: Lap Counter to the test!

Jump It lap counter

The Jump It: Lap Counter is just like the Jump It I used to have when I was younger. I used to spend hours and hours out in my garden with my Jump It, it was so much fun! It’s great to now be able to share that with my own daughters as well.

I recently challenged Maisy to a jump off and I am chuffed to bits to announce after a couple of false starts I’ve still got it!

Staying active with Jump It Lap counter

Although she did kick my butt, I put up a good battle.

The Jump It: Lap Counter can be played indoors and outdoors and is so much better than the old Jump It’s from my youth as it can record your laps too! It will register up to 1000 which I haven’t managed to reach yet but it’s always good to aim high!

The Jump It: Lap counter is available now at Smyths. Who’s going to be joining us on our active summer plans??


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