YoYo Ball Review

I don’t know about you but when I was younger YoYo’s were all the rage at school. The playground was absolutely  full of them (until they got banned by the headteacher!). They were the biggest craze to hit our primary school since Pokémon cards hit the scene. You’d see neon light up YoYo’s, YoYo’s that made noises, some children even had ‘pro’ YoYo’s. Whilst I don’t really know what this YoYo actually did differently to make it classed as ‘pro’ but at the time it seemed pretty cool.

The one thing I did know was; I was bloody rubbish at Yo-Yoing. Probably even worse than rubbish, I was truly truly tragic. Hours were spent in the garden practising, videos were watched and tutorials followed but I just couldn’t ever crack it.

Thankfully for children in this day and age the YoYo ball comes to their rescue. The YoYo ball is a fun new YoYo concept that will always comes back to you thanks to the specially designed retractable string. This allows you to create endless YoYo tricks again and again. The YoYo ball makes tricks look super-slick and easy! You can recreate all the old classic tricks such as Loop- the-Loop and Around -the-World and Walk-the-dog. It’s super addictive once you start.

There are 6 fantastic styles to collect now and the YoYo Ball is available in Smyths for just £4.99.

All the girls have been loving perfecting her skills with the YoYo Ball. It’s great fun and so simple to get the hang of. You know how impatient kids can be so for them to be starting to preform tricks it’s amazing!

I also thought they would make a great addition to any Easter egg hunts you may be planning over the next few weeks. It’s always great to combine a few little toys hidden in the hunt along with those yummy chocolatey treats! Plus it will keep the children busy throughout the holidays so it’s a win win!

*Sponsored Post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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