Things to do with your tweens this Easter

As the girls get older I am finding the ‘what shall we do in the holidays’ tougher and tougher to answer. At ages, 11,10&8 it’s so hard to find things they all enjoy. When they were younger we used to have bucket lists created weeks in advanced full of parks we wanted to visit, farm days and soft play trips plus playdates with friends filling all of our weeks to the brim.

It just isn’t like that anymore; if I suggest a park I am told it’s for ‘babies’. Soft play is off the cards and catch ups with friends is now done on FaceTime – so I am stuck.

The Easter Holiday’s are right around the corner so I have put together some ideas of ‘things to do with your tweens this Easter’ for anyone who’s in a similar boat to me!

  1. Go see a show! Without a doubt one of the best family days out is a trip to the West End. My girls adore the theatre, we recently went to see Wicked and it blew all of our socks off it was incredible I highly recommend getting tickets and taking your tweens on a day out  in the big smoke!
  2. Take an art class. Maisy has recently been taking a class locally and they offer family sessions. You can go along together and take the class, learning new skills whilst letting your creativity run wild. (I am not artistic at all but it’s so much fun!)
  3. Paddle boarding at the beach. They beach works what ever the age, whether it’s warm enough to splash in the sea remains to be seen but the girls will never outgrow a trip to the beach. Especially if there’s a paddle board they can jump on!
  4. Shopping trips. My girls love a trip to Primark followed by a little Starbucks. It doesn’t need to be an expensive trip to designer shops but they love a girls day hitting town and browsing the shops!
  5. Go Ape. One that any thrill seeking tweens will love, Go Ape is the perfect day out to get the adrenaline pumping.
  6. Try an escape room. Tweens will love getting stuck in to solving the problems it’s great for team building and bound to create some laughs and great memories along the way.
  7. Go find a geocache. I don’t know about your children but if I suggest going for a walk. I am met with moans and sighs. If I suggest going out to follow a map and find a ‘time capsule’ they’re well up for it. I used to go Geocaching with y dad when my brother and I were younger it was so much fun.

I hope these ideas come in handy of the two week Easter break! If you have any to add leave them in the comments below.


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  1. April 4, 2022 / 10:54 am

    Lots of great ideas for kids here, really wanna take my big one to see a show!

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