Protecting your children’s futures

When you become a parent your priorities (quite rightly) shift. It’s not just about looking after yourself anymore. You now have a child, or children that you have to look after too. Of corse in our first thoughts when preparing for a baby it’s all about keeping them fed, clean, safe and happy. We know we have to put our full nights sleep on the back burner to do night feeds for a few years, we know we’ll be forfeiting our pristine home decor for finger prints on every single surface and ghastly plastic toys that take up the living room and we know come rain or shine for a few years 3pm will be spent in a playground making small talk with other parents.

But what about taking care of them if we’re no longer physically able to do so? It can really set my anxiety off if I think about it too much; Who will make sure Lottie’s done her spellings practice? Who will collect the kids from school? How will they buy their first car? Although it’s a horrible thought, it’s better to prepare than dwell on the if’s, but’s and maybe’s – in my opinion.

Life Insurance was never something I had really considered until I became a parent myself. I think until you have children you think of yourself as some what invincible. I felt a huge wave of vulnerability come over me when I had my daughters, you never know what’s around the corner and that can be so scary.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re thinking about taking out life insurance for parents but this article regarding life insurance  is great for covering those key questions you may need answering first.

As parents we have so much already to think about from remembering what time their clubs are to making sure home work is done and handed in on time. Having life insurance in place no matter what your health status might be just gives you that peace of mind. You know that your children will always be taken care of should anything happen leaving you to focus on enjoying making those memories that will last a lifetime!

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