Introducing Pom Pops | Review

Pom Pops combine two of my girls favourite things. Unboxing surprises and craft activities! It’s a really unique idea that combines the two things together perfectly.

The whole unboxing surprises has been huge for a couple of years now. My girls love anything that involves unwrapping and opening. It  can make even the most simple of toys so much more of a fun experience for them.

Pom Pops have taken it up a notch with their unique concept that gets the kids to unbox and then discover the surprise materials which then allows them to make their own special ‘popped’ creations!

Pom Pops is packaged to look just like a carton of popcorn; as soon as Lottie clapped eyes on the fun packaging she was begging to open it up and discover what lay inside.

Each package contains 1014 pieces – that’s a lot of pompoms! As well as pom pom’s in a ton of different colours and sizes you’ll also find toy surprises, an activity booklet, some design templates and DIY tools to help with your creations. Everything us mums need to keep the kids busy for an afternoon!

Lottie has the unicorn themed Pom Pops pack which had a 2 key rings, a necklace, a yo-yo and a hair band inside!

Above you can see her creating her very own Pom Pop unicorn key ring – so cute!

The hairband filled with Pom Pom’s was her absolute favourite though, it turned out so pretty. She used her school colours and has actually worn it to school every day since making it. I think it looks great! such a simple concept but really unique.

The pack also contains inspiration for other pom pom related crafts, such as customising photo frames, once they start they won’t stop it’ll be pom pom’s galore!

There are a selection of different themed Pom Pops packs that kids can choose from – unicorn (which we had), mermaid and llama – each containing a bunch of great  DIY activities to get stuck into.

Pom Pops are available now in Smyths for £12.99.


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