DoodleJamz Review

My girls love to draw, colour and create. They’re always scribbling on something and the amount of scrap paper I seem to find daily just left on the table is insane. DoodleJamz have changed all of that with their mess-free drawing pads that can be used over and over again. No more messy scraps of paper everywhere WAHOO!

So what is DoodleJamz?

DoodleJamz are a squish & shape, sensory, mess-free drawing pad filled with safe, non- toxic gel or beads. These can then be drawn on or moulded into endless fantastic creations. They come with a stylus or you can simply use your fingers to draw, mould and create.

There are 2 styles of DoodleJamz one which comes with a colourful beads gel or the other which contains 2 coloured layers of gel.

One feature that is really cool is the removable paper background; each DoodleJamz comes with a double sided background which can be swapped in and out. But you can also head to their website and choose from a huge selection of their own templates. They have Emoji’s, Maze’s, animals, different scenery’s and even painting by numbers. You can also  upload your own pictures or photos and print them as a template! Giving kids endless amounts of creative options.

What did we think of DoodleJamz?

The kids have been having great fun with DoodleJamz; the product is designed for ages 3+ but really all ages can get involved i have even found myself giving emojis hair styles! Elsie also really likes playing with the gel one, she uses her fingers and scribbles away – so much safer than pens for a toddler.
The girls preferred the beads when it came to accessorising a character picture but the gel for freehand drawing and writing messages, the gel allowed a lot more creative options.

We recently went away for a few days and they were a godsend for the long car journey. We printed out a ton of different backgrounds and the girls were entertained for ages.

Where can you find DoodleJamz?

DoodleJamz are available from Smyths for just £4.99. Great value for money if you ask me.

Disclaimer: This post has been created for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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