12 activities to entertain your 6 month old baby

Watching as you baby learns through play is one of the most fun and exciting times. Babies are constantly changing and learning new things about the world they live in and it’s just incredible to watch. These activities are a perfect way to entertain your 6 month old baby. Not only do they provide fun but helps to encourage those new mental and physical skills they are picking up daily.

It’s important to remember all babies to develop at different rates so bear that in mind when deciding which activities to set up for your baby, these activities are perfect from 6 months but can also be adapted as your baby gets older.

These simple activities to entertain your baby can be set up with items you already have at home. They don’t need to be expensive, complicated or time consuming. I have included a few products I already have but do adapt with what you already have at home.

activities to entertain your 6-9 month old baby

What are the best activities to entertain your 6 month old baby?


Bubbles are a huge hit in our household, even still with my older daughters. inside or outside (watch for slippy floors) they’re great fun. Try and encourage your baby to reach out and pop them!


Singing nursery rhymes and clapping along is great way to get your baby smiling, they love music and in time will start clapping along with you.


Play with sensory lights is fascinating for babies at this age. A disco light or toys that light up in a dark room or in a little den will keep your baby entertained for ages.


We love books, and it’s never too young to start reading to your baby. Interactive books with flaps, squeakers or touch and feel parts are perfect for play time and getting your baby to explore with fine motor skills. Some of  our favourite are Dear Zoo and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

 Activities to entertain your 6-9 month old baby


Dancing like singing is so much fun for your baby. We dance around to music or nursery rhymes. Elsie’s recently developed a little jig when she hears music which is so sweet!

Finger puppets

Finger puppets or even acting out with teddies is so entertaining for babies to watch and helps encourage their name recognition of certain characters.

Building Towers

We have some great soft blocks that we build with, but you can really stack up anything, and you bet your baby will knock it straight down. We have endless fun and yes you’re allowed to let your inner architect take over and build some masterpieces.

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are great for a couple of reasons, babies love getting things in and out of bags/boxes and they also love feeling things with different textures. I would suggest just a few different items at a time so they aren’t over whelmed.


Yes, painting. Finger paints are great for little ones, I wrote a post about  painting with yogurt so there’s no worries with they inevitably try and eat some! Messy but lots of fun.


Either chatting away in front of a mirror while you’re holding baby or playing with an unbreakable mirror solo they’re a great way to keep baby entertained.

Tummy time

Tummy time is great for developing neck strength but also starts encouraging baby to crawl and lift themselves up. If baby isn’t keen try using a tummy time pillow or just short periods on their tummy at a time.

Water play

Whether in the bath or filling some small bowls with a little water babies love to splash around and explore water. I would recommend this as an outside activity though!

Babies love to play and explore so have fun with it, anything can be turned into a toy or game so see what your baby takes an interest in and go from there. Let me know your favourite activities to entertain your 6 month old baby.

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