A Handy Checklist For Wedding Planning

With a year to go until our big day I am in full wedding planning mode. When we got engaged I had no idea just how much there is to think about when planning a wedding. Having only ever been a guest at a wedding previously I don’t think I took into account all the little extras that make the day truly magical for the happy couple.

With that in mind; and in order to help myself and anyone else who stumbles across this article in the midst of wedding planning, I am compiling a simple checklist for wedding planning. With a few helpful tips thrown in too.

A Handy Checklist For Wedding Planning

Registrar vs Church wedding ceremony

One of the first things to consider when planning your wedding is where you’re actually going to get married. Are you going for a church ceremony, maybe a registry office or perhaps you’re looking to book the registrar to come to another venue. It’s always worth seeing if your evening venue can host your ceremony if you wanted to keep it in one place.


Often overlooked until the last minute but make sure to try them on in advance with your engagement ring to make sure it sits well – you’ll be wearing this for the rest of your life!

Evening reception venue

Lots of popular evening venues will host opening days throughout the year so if you have a list of favourites contact and ask if they’ll be hosing any. It’s great to see the venue ‘dressed’ to give you a real feel for your own reception. When choosing the reception venue bear in mind where the ceremony is and if any travel is involved for yourself and guests.

Food & Drinks

Depending on the reception venue you opt for there may be elements of this included in the package if not your venue will be sure to share with you some of their preferred suppliers. You don’t have to use them but the chances are they’ll be familiar with the venue and will have a good relationship with the wedding planning teams.

Flowers & Decor

I am in the personal opinion that less is more when it comes to decor, I would rather find a beautiful venue and add some little enhancements. But that is personal preference, my main tip for flower/decor planning would be to make a big list of all your dream wedding wants, get that quote and then you can always reign it back in.

Table plan

Are you having a table plan? or will it be a grab a seat informal event? I really wanted the informal sit where you like ‘we’re all family vibes’ but after discussing it through with some of our planners we’ve decided to have a loose plan because of certain dietary requirements. In this case you’d need to organise name cards and a table plan ‘map’. Something like Canva is great if you’re considering a DIY table pan.


You need someone you can trust to capture all those special moments for your big day. Check out their previous work to get a feel of their photography style and make a list of all those shots you really want captured. Check out Wedding Photo Swap, it’s a great app to collect and share any photo’s taken by your guests on your wedding day. A super fun way to get those in the moment shots.

The Dress

Probably or the most exciting parts for a bride to be is THE DRESS. Make it fun, get some inspo online (Pinterest is great for that) and don’t feel the pressure to find ‘the one’ on your first visit to a dress shop.

Bridesmaids dresses

Top tip; too many cooks spoils the pot. If you have quite a few bridesmaids you’ll never please them all, my advice would be get a couple of options and the majority wins. https://www.promdressfinder.co.uk has lots of great dresses to choose from or take inspiration from.


Don’t forget the suits. I personally am to getting to involved – I am giving guidance but I won’t be having the final say.


DJ/musicians/bands, there are so many options to think of, make sure to check with your venue what they’re happy with and if there is any time restrictions. A lot of bands will learn your first dance request ahead of time but always worth checking if they have it in their song bank incase they don’t.

Other optional extras you may want to bear in mind

Make up.
Travel to and from the venue.
Guest book.
Overnight accommodation for yourself and guests.

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments.



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