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Tween girls have got to be up there with the hardest to buy gifts for. I should know I have two! Friends and family are always asking me to give them gift ideas for my tweens so I thought I would put together a helpful guide full of cool and quirky gift ideas for tween girls to give you all some inspiration! Wicked Uncle is my first stop every time; they have so many fun gifts that are perfect for tween girls so here are my top 10.

10 Cool Gift Ideas For Tween Girls

Origami Lanterns

A really fun little set that allows you to create a beautiful origami lantern lights using the art of paper folding. It provides some creative fun and only costs £14.95! A great price and will keep your tween busy for an afternoon.

Junior Mega Bounce – 1.4M Inflatable Ball

I think all children love these, my girls have had these one which has lasted for years. They’ve just never get bored of it. Every summer it’s the number one toy they play with in the garden. This gift is bound to be a hit. RRP £10.95.

Catwalk – Six Odd Socks!

Combining two of my girls favourite things. Odd socks and kitty’s! These socks are super cute and make a lovely little gift for any cat lovers. RRP 13.99.


Britannica – All New Children’s Encyclopedia

A gorgeous 400-page encyclopedia filled to the brim with fantastic facts that your tweens will love to share with you. RRP £25.

Magnetic Floating Globe – With LED Lights

An awesome accessory for any tween’s bedroom this detailed 9cm globe is marked with countries and oceans and floats unassisted in the C-shaped cradle. It even spins if you touch it! The gentle glow makes it perfect for a bedside table, love it. RRP £29.95.

Chocolate Vegetables

A really fun novelty gift of Chocolate Vegetables. We all know getting our tweens to have some veg can be a challenge but they are sure to tuck straight into these; don’t they look awesome! RRP £9.95.

Panda Yourself – Luxury Bath Gift Set

Tweens love a little pamper night, well mine do anyway! Incorporate some of their favourite animals with this adorable Panda bath gift set containing two bath bombs, a bath creamer, bath mallow and soap and you have yourself the perfect gift! RRP £16.95.

MindTrap Game

An awesome competitive card game with more than 500 brainteasers, puzzles and riddles. This game is guaranteed to give your brain a real work-out and is perfect for tween’s to play with friends. RRP £19.95.

Flamingo Nail Cushion

A Gift for your tween or a gift for you, I’ll let you decide. fed up of nail varnish on the carpet? Yep I am with you this flamingo nail cushion will be the answer to all our prayers. It has two holders for the nail polish and a handy storage pocket for all your manicure tools – god send. You may find yourself borrowing this for your own nails. RRP £22.95.

Turtle Pearl Gift Set

A unique gift set which contains a pearl in an oyster clam that you open up for yourself. You place your pearl into the turtle-shaped pendant on a silver coloured chain. A really gorgeous gift that can be kept and worn forever. RRP £11.95.

I hope I have given you some fun gift ideas for your tween girls!

Make sure to check out Wicked Uncle they have a great selection of gifts for all ages.


Disclaimer: This blog post has been sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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