Homemade Sushi With Kelly Loves

Sushi is one of my absolute favourite foods. I love grabbing a take away box on the run or eating it at a local Asian restaurant but I have never thought I’d be able to make it myself at home. It looks so good, it must be really complicated – surely? I mean how do they get that rice quite so sticky?

Well, as it turns out, I couldn’t of been more wrong. It is actually super simple to make as long as you have the right kit to hand.

Kelly Loves Sushi Making Kit

The incredible KellyLoves.com provides you with just that. Kelly Loves combine heritage from Japanese and Korean food, culture and traditions to bring their customers the most authentic food, treats and recipes to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

They recently sent us their Complete Sushi Kit which contains all the essential ingredients to make a whole range of yummy sushi rolls and maki. It comes with Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar Nori Sheets, Spicy Mayo, Crispy Onion, Ginger and the all important bamboo rolling matt. Meaning all you need to add is your favourite sushi fillings.

The packaging has easy step by step instructions to follow making it so easy to get the rice and construction just right. They also have QR codes on the back which once scanned take you online to more in-depth instructions and recipes. Super simple.

The girls and I had so much fun creating our sushi rolls. Granted, the first few may have looked a little on the ‘rustic’ side. Once we got the hang of it they actually looked pretty good! For a first attempt anyway…

Some people are put off thinking sushi is all raw fish etc but you can put anything in to it. We used up left over chicken from the night before and threw in some of the kids favourite vegetables. They were so good, especially when dipped in the spicy mayo and topped with crispy onions – game changer!

Top tips for home made sushi

  • Allow the rice enough time to properly cool, we didn’t and I definitely felt like it was a lot easier to roll the sushi up once it had cooled right down.
  • Oil up your hands. The rice is called sticky rice for a reason, it sticks. Using olive oil on your hands while spreading it out reduces that a lot.
  • Don’t over fill. It’s easy to get carried away with fillings but a small layer of filling is plenty, soo much and the Nori paper wont meat and you’ll end up with more of a sushi taco.

I always find my daughters are much more willing to try new things when they have been involved in the making process. Sushi was no exception; they started off sceptical, but by the end they couldn’t get enough.

A really fun activity that resulted in a delicious meal for us all – an absolute winner.

Huge thank-you to Kelly Loves for sending this kit over to us we really enjoyed it.  

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