Drgnfly Restaurant Review

Is there anything better than being able to don a frock put on some lippy and go out for dinner again? I absolutely love eating out and it is one of the things I missed the most during lockdown. Recently myself and  a couple of the other Bournemouth Bloggers headed to the gorgeous Drgnfly in Ashley Cross for dinner.

It was so so nice to have a catch up with the girls, we had such a giggle but the highlight of the night was of corse the food!

Drgnfly serves the most gorgeous Pan-Asian dishes. For anyone unsure on what that means Pan-Asian is essentially special dishes from different nations and cultures throughout the entire continent of Asia. Which if you’re quite new to Asian food is great as there is a huge amount of variety so you can play it safe or try something new.

We arrived a little early so sat outside on the terrace for a drink, I opted for a gin and tonic but Drgnfly do have an amazing bar menu with a great selection of Asian inspired cocktails and wines.

We opted to stay outside in the end as it had been an absolutely boiling hot day and the breeze was lovely. Drgngfly only have a small outside terrace but the inside is stunning with a lovely chilled atmosphere.

We opted for some nibbles to start. Edamame which is coated in Japanese Chilli, crispy nori served with guacamole and ebi senbei which is prawn crackers with chilli jam. Delicious, I think it’s always great to start with some picky bits. I was absolutely starving so demolished this.

For mains myself and Emma shared the chefs selection Sashimi & Sushi Platter. Now I like sushi but I am more of a Californian roll kind of girl so this was me pushing my food boundaries and trying something new. I do love to try new foods but not knowing what was going to come out at all was slightly scary. The only thing we specified was no eel.

I am so glad I went for it though look how beautiful the platter is!

Before we even talk about how it tastes we need to just appreciate how gorgeous it is. The Sashimi & Sushi platter is a 12 piece selection for 2 people to share. We had a mixture of tuna, salmon, shrimp and octopus. While it was new to me I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend the sushi to anyone it’s so fresh and delicious!

The only thing I would say is it’s not the most filling dish particularly between two. We did have starters and pudding too so I was quite full by the end but I would say you may want to order some more sides to go with it.

For pudding I went for the chocolate brownie. Of corse I did, it’s my favourite dessert so I order it everywhere – but at least I can then tell you all the best brownie spots?

This tasted as good as it looks, gooey, rich and just the perfect sweet treat to end a delicious meal.

We had a fantastic evening, a huge thank you to Drgnfly for hosting us and giving us such a nice evening check out the menu here.

I was invited along to Drgnfly and provided with a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own. 


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