Smoby AquaPlay LockBox REVIEW

Elsie has been a water baby from day one. We knew it the moment we gave her her first bath. She was just a few days old squealing her little head off as we’d just woken her up and taken her out of her nice warm clothes. We lowered her gently into the water and she instantly stopped crying. She was so calm and content – until we lifted her back out again she then resumed screaming the house down again.
Elsie wasn’t the easiest of babies but I always knew one sure fire way to calm her down was to get her in the bath.

Now that she’s a fully fledged toddler it hasn’t changed at all. She still loves the water. If there’s a puddle, you bet she’s in it. If she has access to a tap, you bet she’s turning it on. If she’s near the sea, that’s right -she’s straight in (usually whilst fully clothed).

So our favourite type of play is, of corse, water play! 

When Smoby asked if we would like to try out there AquaPlay LockBox, we jumped at the chance!

Smoby AquaPlay LockBox Review

The Smoby AquaPlay LockBox was so simple to set up and comes with all the accessories you can see in the photo above, which is great as it gives Elsie so much to explore. I put down a splash mat just in case but it didn’t spill at all. Well other than when Elsie climbed into it and splashed everywhere!

The set educates children about locks and canal systems. They can steer the boat through the canals and let the water raise it. As well as using the crane to shift containers between the boat and car.

Elsie’s favourite part is putting the boat through all the gates, she spends hours just going back and forth while splashing about in the water. It’s so much fun. I always know exactly when she wants to play with the set as she comes up to me and says “Mummy, my boat”. She’s obsessed!

Smoby AquaPlay LockBox

It’s 100% her favourite play set at the moment and I love it because once she finished playing I can simply tip the water out and fold it away as the play set transforms into a handy lockbox and is really easy to store. WINNER!

It’s one that will grow with her as well, right now her main objective is to play boats and have some splashy fun, but as she gets older it’ll be great way to teach her about how canals work as well as giving her a real understanding of cause and effect.

Smoby AquaPlay LockBox closed

The set RRP’s at £39.99 and in my opinion is worth every penny, we’ve had so much use out of it already and I just know it’ll be out every single day during the summer. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have little water lovers of your own!

You can shop the Smoby AquaPlay LockBox at Smyths, John Lewis & Very.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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