Peter Rabbit Crystal Art Kit REVIEW

Occasionally in our usually ram packed schedule we find ourselves with a quiet day. No plans, no rushing just peace…

Well peace until around mid-morning when the ‘I’m bored’ starts. What do we do when the chorus begins? We dig out some arts and crafts!

I must admit arts and crafts don’t exactly come naturally to me, I would describe myself as a more abstract artist! I do miss the days of messy play and sensory activates with my big girls when nothing needed to look like anything it was all about making mess and having fun. However now when it comes to craft activities for them they tend to actually want a master piece at the end.

That’s where crystal art kits come into their own. They are fantastic. Super easy for children to enjoy independently, mess free and they end up with a beautiful piece of art at the end!

When Lottie came to me declaring she was sooooooo bored that’s exactly what we did!

We were kindly sent this gorgeous Peter Rabbit Crystal Art Card Kit and with Easter creeping up on us it felt like the perfect craft to keep her busy for the afternoon. Of corse I ended up getting stuck in too; it was actually so therapeutic – we had great fun taking in turns.

What are we left with; a beautiful piece of art work that will make the perfect easter card for a family member! It looks so good once finished. Lottie was so proud of her creation, it’s currently taking centre stage on our dining table until we figure out who we’re sending it to. I think she secretly wants to keep it now though so we shall see if she parts with it.

The Peter Rabbit Crystal Art Card kit is available from Craft Buddy. The set RRP’s at 


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