Christmas is sorted with Jaques Of London

Santa is coming to town in just a little over a months time! It feels like Christmas has come round so quickly this year but thankfully Jaques Of London are here to solve those what to buy our little ones conundrums! With a fantastic selection of educational toys to choose from it has never been easier to pick out some gifts that you know your children are going to love.

Elsie’s been playing with the Jaques Of London Activity Cube and Hammering Bench so much lately just look at her little face below, she adores them.

Elsie loves anything that involves a shape sorter element so the activity cube is prefect for her. I think it’s great how all the blocks are not only different shapes but also different colours and are numbered. It’s a toy that will continue to challenge toddlers as they develop and help them with shape, number and colour recognition. I am not exaggerating when I say Elsie sat for a good 25-30 minutes just working out the different shapes and then taking them back out again. 25 minutes in baby land is like an eternity – she was totally mesmerised by it!


And there were lots of big claps and squeals every time she got it correct! The activity cube also has coloured beads which they can move along the winding and spiralling tracks on top. A great activity to help develop hand-eye coordination and those fine motor skills. It’s also portable and super robust so a great toy to take if you’re going over to visit friends or family this Christmas.

Elsie has also been absolutely loving her new Hammering Bench.
One of Elsie’s favourite words is ‘bash’ so imagine her delight to just be sat shouting bash bash bash as she hammered away. This toy will be a firm favourite with any little toddlers. Again, it’s also a great activity for helping to develop their hand-eye coordination as well as being lovely and brightly coloured to help with learning colour recognition.

All of Jaques of London wooden are made using 100% FSC approved wood and water-based paint to ensure  hours and hours of safe play for little ones. The toys have also been designed and approved by UK teachers! With all products being created with love and care.

Did I even mention the gift wrap? I mean us busy mums don’t really have time for wrapping now do we so Jaques of London have also ticked that one off for us! Their products all come in a luxury gift wrap, featuring their signature hand tied ribbon.

Well, I can assure you they look 10 times better than anything I’ll be wrapping this Christmas! It also means they’re a really great gift if you’re sending directly to the recipient. They can just be popped straight under the tree and ready to be opened.

I also have an awesome 15% off code for my readers! Just in time for that last minute gift buying. Use this link Jaques Of London.

*This post has been sponsored by Jaques Of London, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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