Fearne By Swan Kettle & Toaster Set |Valentines Gifting With AO|

Valentines day is very almost upon us! With all the love that is flying around AO.com set me and the lovely Claire Witt a challenge to treat each other to something special from their website! Of corse sprucing up the home is something I love so I was dying to see which must have appliance would be landing on my door step!

Claire chose me the gorgeous Fearne By Swan Kettle & Toaster set in the beautiful honey shade.

I love them; it was only recently I was trying to search for some new kitchen appliances but I couldn’t make my mind up on colours.

This honey shade is just classic and goes with everything. The design is simple yet elegant and sleek just what I like!

Fearne By Swan Kettle & Toaster Set Fearne By Swan Kettle & Toaster Set

My kitchen isn’t the biggest or the most glam. In fact I’d quite like to rip it out, build and extension and have a big old kitchen put in with low hanging lights above and island with a ceramic sink. Sadly that’s not going to happen in this rented property, so whilst we slog our guts and squirrel away money for our own forever home I make the most of what I have and still try and keep it looking pretty and clutter free!


Fearne By Swan 2 slice toaster

Key features

  • Allows to toast two slices at once – I know some love a big bad 25 slice at a time machine but this is plenty for my family and our Diddy little kitchen.
  • High function lift – No more burnt fingers trying to remove that T-Cake!
  • Defrost function – a mums dream on a Monday morning when you realised you forgot to take the bread out of the freezer last night!
  • Automatically shuts off when toast is ready – no-one wants burnt toast.
  • Lastly a handy removable tray to de-crumb! I actually was so excited to see that you press it and tray pops out, it’s the little things in life.

Fearne By Swan Kettle

Key features

  • 1.7 litre capacity making up to 7 cups of tea or coffee at once. Hello caffeine fix!
  • Boil dry protection to stop you damaging your kettle on those bleary eye’d mornings that start with the kids at 5am and you forget to fill the kettle. I swear it’s only happened a few times!
  • Limescale filter to improve the quality of your drinks – very important if you live in the limescale capital of the world like I do.
  • Handy measuring guide on the side – love that!

A huge thank-you to Claire and AO for helping me spruce up the kitchen! It’s amazing how the little things make such a difference. Now head on over to see what I chose for Claire!


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