A Night Out With Bournemouth Bloggers – Grosvenor Casino

When you join this little blogging world it’s easy to think that you must be the only person in the area doing it, I am asked often enough what a blog actually is so I for one thought surely I am the only one in my little town doing this. Oh how wrong I was. The first time I spotted another blogger in the Bournemouth area I was amazed; someone else enjoyed over sharing on the internet just like me! It didn’t take me long to realise that in fact there is a whole Bournemouth Blogger’s community who loved blogging just as much as I do. My friends will sit and listen to me harp on but to sit and chat to someone who actually gets it is a whole other kettle of fish. Bournemouth Bloggers has gone from being a chance to meet up with some like minded people to a chance to catch up with friends, I have met some amazing people through it and made some great memories.

A little like this one, a night out with the Bournemouth Bloggers at the Grosvenor Casino. A few weeks back I was invited on a trip to the casino to have a flutter, drink some cocktails and have some food – they didn’t need to ask me twice!

On arrival I was greeted by friendly staff who promptly took my coat, checked my ID (thanks) and sent me off to the bar to find a cocktail – don’t mind if I do.

Cocktails at the Grosvenor Casino

Now rather shockingly I am not a seasoned casino goer. I have been in one or two in my time usually a few sheets to the wind but I’d never really thought of it as ‘my thing’. I’d also imagined myself feeling quite out of place. As we were shown around I didn’t feel that way at all at the Grosvenor Casino it had a feel of being so much more than just a place to throw some money about.

There is a sports bar which shows all the big games/matches. A private area which can be hired for special occasions; I was just picturing a 20’s style party in there would be so much fun – maybe for Scott’s thirtieth! Then we headed up to the main room which is where you found all the tables playing poker, roulette, black jack etc.

At this point we had all drank a cocktail or two on an empty stomach and were in need of some food so we decided to have dinner first and to learn the art of black jack after.

The restaurant was really nice, it felt somewhat separate from the casino despite being on the same floor. I opted for a stuffed mushroom to start, combining my two favourite things cheese and mushrooms is always a good start but make it look fancy on a plate and you are on to a win! It was so delicious the portion sizes were pretty epic I could have quite happily just eaten that but before long out came my roasted vegetable noddles.
This looks like something a vegetarian would order I know but fear not I am still a full blown carnivore but for some reason these two dishes really caught my eye. the food was so good I would defiantly recommend as a great place to eat in Bournemouth whether you’re looking to gamble or not.
Dining at the Grosvenor Casino

Dining at the Grosvenor Casino

cocktails at Grosvenor Casino
Dinner with these guys was so lovely it’s great to be able to talk about all things blogging in a nice chilled environment. Working for myself from home has so many amazing benefits but it can be seriously lonely, there is no team building nights out unless you count the nights I sit at home with a glass of wine. It’s nice to be able to discus work with real people!

After dinner it was time to head onto the floor and splash the cash, not really we were given chips to play with though! I knew the basic’s behind roulette and black jack so it was fun to just play pretend!

We chatted a lot about gambling and the strategies they have in place at the casino to help people if need be snd keep it a safe and happy place, it was nice to see that they really cared and had their customers best interests at heart.

Grosvenor Casino

After a couple of games and an incident where I accidentally threw the roulette ball across the room it was time to say goodbye.

Grosvenor Casino really took care of us and gave us a great night, any preconceived idea’s I had of a casino has definitely changed after this visit and I can see myself going back if not just for another mushroom! Thank-you for having us!


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    I’ve had a turbulent last year with being diagnosed as hearing impaired and with OCD. I’d love to spread the message that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and I want to show an example of how I’ve turned lemons into lemonade 🙂

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