Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL Review

One of my biggest goals this summer to get outside more with the girls and make the most of what we have around us. I really want to put our own back garden to use a lot more as well as setting off for days out at the beach, park hunting and picnicking.

The garden really hasn’t been much of a useable space since we have lived here; it’s not massive, it’s on different levels and huge tree took up the majority of the space.

My man turned lumberjack for the day and got the tree down for me and after a day in the scorching sun tidying up the grass, paths and weeds we now have a much better space for the kids.

But what was going to help me get the girls out in our garden? Some fun new garden toys and games of corse!

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL Review

The Wicked Mega Bounce Ball arrived and I just knew these kids would love it, what’s not to love about a giant bouncy ball in the garden. It has a massive 2.51 metre circumference, it’s super bouncy. To be honest it’s just really great fun no matter your age.

The girls and I have spent so much time throwing the Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL back and forth as well as siting on it, jumping on it. I was a little worried at first at how it would hold up under this rough and tumble play but its so durable I think it can withstand far more than I gave it credit.

These photos are from a fun day out we had at an event the Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL was a huge hit with all the children.

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL

Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL

I am so happy with it and I love how it has encouraged the girls to get out and enjoy the garden space. They’ve always been a little bit nervous about bugs and things in our garden for some reason. They’re fine anywhere else but at home even a little ant can cause a huge melt down. The Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL has been a great distraction for that as well as when we have taken them out and about for picnics etc. At £20 I think it is brilliant value for money!

The Wicked Mega Bounce Ball XL was gifted to the girls, all thoughts and options are my own. You can find it here.


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