National Trust Adventures – Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy is definitely my most local National Trust spot. Being less than a half hour drive we do visit regularly, it’s such a great picnic spot and so beautiful all year round.

The weekend just gone started out cloudy but warm so we packed up a picnic and headed on down for some fresh air and flower spotting.

It went from being a warmish cloudy day to a baking hot day so quickly! What’s nice about Kingston Lacy is there is so much outdoor space but also so many shady spots too. The front lawn is perfect for picnics and having a walk round the gardens is perfect for cooling off.

I took my big old camera out with me for the day, it feels like so long since its been given a proper run! Here are some of my favourite captures from the day..

Bella took this one of Lottie, I love seeing the girls take an interest in my hobbies.

Litte climbers found there way on to the lions didn’t they!


I do have about 50 more photos I could share with you from our day; there are so many beautiful spots at Kingston Lacy it is difficult not to get carried away.

I am really looking forward to getting the most out of our national trust passes in the summer holidays!


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