National Unplugging Day

Last Sunday (25th June) was national unplugging day; the annual day designed to get us all to take a step away from the technology and spend some quality time together.

As someone who works online I knew this would be tough for me, I am never far away from the internet but I am always up for a challenge and as someone who can be quite strict with my children about screen time I figured it was about time I practiced what I preached.

We were invited to a fun event in Winchester to celebrate the day; with strictly no phones or internet allowed we all got stuck into the fun activities they put on. We caught some great photos throughout the day I really wanted to share..

The girls and I had so much fun dressing up and joining in with yoga and hula hooping. It was such a nice change and although I was there to essentially blog about it, not having my phone in my pocket to keep checking on felt amazing.

I loved just being able to have fun and get involved with them.

The weather was gorgeous all day as well which was a huge bonus. I love taking pictures of my girls it is one of my favourite hobbies but I am realising I can still do that and use these pictures in a work capacity without always needing to be online 247. Taking a break from the internet for the day was lovely, quite refreshing and I will definitely be making more of a conscious effort to leave the phone at home for more of our days out.

Not only does it show the children we don’t always need technology to have a great time, it is great for me to properly switch off from work.

Thanks so much to the team at National Unplugging Day for putting on such a great event and looking after us so well throughout the day.


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