Keeping Cool This Summer

We’ve all done that typically British thing haven’t we? We’ve longed for the sun to make an appearance for the last 9 months, enjoyed it for a day and since done nothing but moan about it being ‘too hot’.

I hold my hands up and admit I have said it! I love the long hot summer days but after a week of sleepless hot, sticky nights I need a break. When your abroad and all you need to do it dip in and our of a pool it is perfect, all the hotels have air con and you can actually sleep. When your at home having to ‘do life’ it’s tough!

I get really irritated when I’m all hot and bothered so I’ve been doing my best to keep cool. I thought I would share with you some tips and great products that have been helping me.

  1. Loose clothing – Yup an obvious one but one we often forget. Sod the denim shorts #chaffinghell. Loose fitting cotton dresses for the win!
  2. BIG hats – The bigger the better, in 30° shade is your friend.
  3. Water – Loads and loads of the stuff. I try and keep a water bottle with me at all times to encourage me to keep drinking it’s crucial on hot days.
  4. Sun cream – Apart from being bad for your health, getting burnt will also make you feel even hotter, slap on the cream and keep yourself safe. I have been using Heliocare, HydraGel as it’s a gel it sinks in really nicely leaving no greasy residue, it’s a factor 50, it hydrates skin and makes it instantly look brighter.
  5. Cooling body bliss – I feel like I’m sharing with you a secret weapon here; this stuff has been a god send. Cooling Body Bliss is from Basq NYC, it’s a gel consistency and is actually aimed a pregnant women for swollen legs and ankles but it’s full of cucumber, green tea, aloe and eucalyptus which hydrates and cools the skin down. It is so refreshing.
  6. Ice lollies – Yep you all have permission for unlimited amounts of ice lollies, I shared some simple recipes for healthy variations of ice lollies, if you need some inspiration – check it out.
  7. Umbrellas – I felt a bit of a twit carrying an umbrella down to the park on a day out recently but it was so hot we ended up all fighting to be under it! A big old parasol isn’t always practical but taking a smaller umbrella will still do the trick.
  8. Deodorant – Of corse we all use deodorant but I have been particularly loving the new Go Fresh range from Dove during these hot summer days. The fruity scents keep me feeling fresh and sweat free all day.
  9. Sunglasses – The sun glaring  in my eyes just agitates me a good pair of shades stops me getting in a flap!
    keeping cool essentials

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