What does home mean to you?

What does home mean to you?

That is the exact question the team at Wayfair have been asking. They recently took to the streets and discovered the heart warming insights into how people feel about their homes and how they are so much more to us than just a pile of bricks. They also found that  over 71% of us named our sofa’s as the most important item of furniture in their home.

It got me thinking; what does home mean to me?


To me home is my safe place. It’s where I can unwind; I put on my comfy clothes as soon as I step through the door and just relax. It’s where my children feel most comfortable and happy. It holds our memories and plans for the future.

My home isn’t anything special, it’s no show home and there is almost always a pile of unwanted paper work/toys laying around somewhere. Our three bedroom terrace isn’t our forever home, I know that we will soon out grow it but it has seen my girls younger days. It has seen them start school, and even seen Lottie’s first steps. It will always hold special memories for us.

As for my most important piece of furniture; it would be a toss up of two. The dining table, where we eat together have a chat – food and the kids are my most favourite things. Or my bed, long busy days running around after the girls mean I need a good night sleep!

What about you, what does home mean to you?


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